Editor's Pick: Tweezerman Porcelain Nail File

It actually seals your nails.

I might have the weakest, wimpiest nails on the planet. 

They shred, flake, peel and rip—so much so that I frequently resort to the sealing properties of nail polish. 

But when I remove said polish (or let's face it, let it chip off), I'm left with an even worse situation than I started with. 

It's a problem.

Luckily, I got a great tip from the folks at Tweezerman that using a porcelain nail file actually SEALS YOUR NAILS, so they don't tear or shred. 

A file like this one (from Tweezerman, natch):

Tweezerman Porcelain Nail File.

This Tweezerman Porcelain Nail File is so elegant, it actually won a design award in Germany recently. 

It's MUCH gentler on your nails than an emery board, and as you buff them into your desired shape, it seals your edges, making them way more resistant to wear and tear.

And unlike emery boards, it lasts forever! All you need to do is wash it with soap and water in between uses.

Of course, you should try to file in one direction only... but you knew that already, right?

Tweezerman Porcelain Nail File.

Where to Buy

Find the Tweezerman Porcelain Nail File at:

Amazon.ca • Amazon.com

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