My Top 10 Natural and Organic Beauty Products

Can't live without them.

Since it's Earth Day and all, I thought I'd share with you some of my all-time favourite natural and organic beauty products. Most of these are what I call Desert Island Products—i.e. if I were stranded somewhere, I would MOST DEFINITELY need to take these. I don't just love them because they're natural, of course—they make my list because they WORK. Here goes:

1. Josie Maran Natural Volume Lip Gloss

Long time readers will know I rave about this product a lot, as I've simply never used a better lip gloss. It ticks off all my boxes: natural, super-moisturizing, non-sticky, long-lasting, plumping... and it's even yummy-tasting! I wear Daring, but when it runs out (or maybe next time I'm in Sephora) I want to get something brighter, like Precious. Josie Maran is also launching a lip stain which I'll be testing out very soon—stay tuned!

2. Nvey Eco Organic Erase Concealer

I'm a bit paranoid that regular concealers will clog my pores (or any blemish I'm trying to hide), so that's why this certified organic one is my go-to. Not only is it certified organic, but it also has the best creamy, blendable texture—and unlike many natural concealers, actually gives complete coverage without feeling heavy.

3. Pure + Simple Rainforest Pressed Powder Foundation

Sorry for the small image here! Pure + Simple is a Toronto-based natural spa chain (you can buy their products in-store or online). I've been using their powder, which can also be mixed with moisturizer to make a cream foundation, for YEARS. It's anti-bacterial and a natural sunblock, and depending on the coverage you want, you can apply it with a sponge or a brush. I love the fresh, botanical (not makeup-y) scent.

4. Pure + Simple All Natural Sunscreen SPF 30 for Oily/Impure Skin

Beauty editors always rant about wearing sunscreen year-round (at least SPF 30), but I understand non-compliance. If your skin is on the oily side, adding an extra layer of sunscreen under your makeup can turn you into a greaseball by 2pm. Happily, this one doesn't do that—it's incredibly light and like all Pure + Simple products, smells really fresh. It's also made with zinc oxide and titanium dioxide instead of potentially irritating chemicals.

5. Weleda Deodorant

Remember the story about Kate Hudson's hairdresser being stuck somewhere without proper styling products and having to use her Weleda Wild Rose Deodorant in her hair before a big red carpet appearance? Apparently she said it was the best her hair had ever looked. Not that I'm advocating you use it for that purpose—I mention it because it's the best natural deo I've tried. Not sticky, smells nice and lasts the longest. (If you're not into roses, the Citrus scent is nice too.)

6. Consonant Body Organic Foaming Face Wash

This is what I'm using now and I can't get enough! As you know, I love a good foaming face wash, and this one would be great on all but the driest skin types. Don't miss Consonant's soaps as well—they smell great, last a long time and come with a handy sponge to store them on, so they won't get soggy in the shower.

7. Physicians Formula Organic Wear Liquid Foundation SPF 15

I never liked liquid foundation until I found this one last July. Mainly because of the scent (are you sensing a trend here?). I've always felt like pores would rebel if I slathered them in those heavily-fragranced foundations. This one smells clean, like lavender, and has a lightweight but medium coverage finish with a hint of glowiness. You can't beat the price ($21.99).

8. David Babaii for WildAid Bohemian Beach Spray

What's with me and Kate Hudson products? (First the Weleda deodorant, and now this line—Kate is David's client and appeared in the ads.) Anyway, I'm a HUGE fan of beach texturizing sprays, and this one smells deliciously tropical.

9. Red Flower Guaiac Organic Perfume

This is my favourite fragrance in the world, and it smells so unusual that it's difficult to even find the words to describe it. It's very botanical, a bit woody and a bit citrusy. (Oh, and a bit expensive: US$186 for 15 mL. Of course.) Read up on it here (Chandler Burr is also a fan). Also in my frequent fragrance rotation: everything by Lavanila, L'Artisan Parfumeur's L'Eau de Jatamansi and all the scents by Tsi-La Organics.

10. Dr. Hauschka Spruce Bath

Christmas is my favourite holiday, and this bath oil—which contains spruce essential oil from Norway—is basically like Christmas in your bath tub. Of course, I don't need to tell you that Dr. Hauschka is GRANDDADDY of natural beauty, right? If there's one brand to trust, it's this one. (Oh, and if you don't take baths, please consider starting. I did an interview not long ago with an esthetician who said that half the reason you look so good after a spa treatment is that you've simply given your body a chance to relax. Most women in their late 20s and 30s who see the signs of aging are seeing them because they are STRESSED. So take the time for a relaxing bath and you could see benefits in your complexion too.)

What are YOUR favourite natural and organic beauty products?

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