Wait a Minute—Botox Actually GIVES you Wrinkles?

True story.


Sometimes it's best to leave well enough alone—at least when it comes to your wrinkles.

According to a piece in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology cited in the Daily Mail, one of the least-known side effects of using lots of Botox is that it actually creates MORE wrinkles.

Yup. Apparently when you immobilize SOME of your facial muscles, it can cause OTHERS to come into play, making new wrinkles more prominent. Oh, the irony!

This isn't news to most beauty industry insiders, actually. They even have a name for it. Ever heard of bunny lines?

Let me present Exhibit A: Miss Nicole Kidman. See those wrinkles around the bridge of her nose when she smiles? Telltale Botox sign. (Okay, I know the fact that her forehead is as smooth as a drum also betrays her.)

Anyway, some docs pre-empt the bunny effect by injecting around the nose as well as the forehead... but I'm not sure about this. A few extra jabs here and there and suddenly, you're a complete Freeze Face.

What do you think? Are you pro-Bo or are there enough cautionary tales out there that you've sworn off ever using it?

Photo: Daily Mail

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