4 of the Best Hair Dryers Under $200

According to the experts.

It's Twestion Time again! This one's from @ChristineisMe, whose T3 tourmaline hair dryer peaced out on her—which makes me sad.

Sad because my love affair with T3 is still going strong after an amazing five years together, and I wish everyone could enjoy that kind of love. (It's still the best dryer I've ever used, since it shortens drying time, makes your hair cuticle more smooth and has never developed that weird burnt hair smell that tends to erupt from other dryers.)

But! I totally get that many (most?) sane people would not want to spend $200+ on a hair dryer. Especially one that bit the dust on them once already.

So to help our Twitter friend—who is looking for a replacement dryer that's not going cost an arm and a leg—I asked the helpful folks at Trade Secrets / Glamour Secrets (tradesecrets.ca) if they had any recommendations. I haven't tried any of these myself, mind you, but here's what they came up with:

Avanti Van 1600 ($66.95)

It has three heat settings and two speeds, is ceramic and lightweight. One year warranty at Trade Secrets / Glamour Secrets.

Avanti Ultra ($135.99)

Has three heat settings to meet any need for styling hair, dries hair faster, made in Italy, lightweight design. One year warranty at Trade Secrets / Glamour Secrets.

Rusk Go Green ($155.99)

Has three heat settings and two speeds, is lightweight, and the filter clips off so it is easy to clean. It's eco-friendly (uses less energy) has a ceramic grill (so it is gentle on hair and won't cause as much damage). Two year warranty at Trade Secrets / Glamour Secrets.

GS Professional Dryer ($159.99)

It is ceramic, tourmaline and ionic, which means it doesn't dry out hair, keeps hair moisturized and static-free and speeds up drying time (dries in 60% less time). Has two heat settings and the back filter can clip off to clean it more easily. Five year warranty at Trade Secrets / Glamour Secrets.

Trade Secrets also wants you to note: Many retailers (like Shoppers Drug Mart, Wal Mart, smaller salons) will not be able to exchange damaged products after several months or years and require customers to bring it back to the manufacturer themselves. At Trade Secrets / Glamour Secrets, we are able to exchange it immediately, provided that the warranty covers the specific damage incurred.

Have you tried any of these dryers? How did they work for you? Ever tried the T3?

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