Zerona Review: My Final Measurements


UPDATE: I’ve concluded that this procedure does not work—my feeling is that any weight loss that people experience comes from the supplement, Curva (NOT the Zerona sessions themselves). To read the full series of posts on my experience, see here: a Q&A with Dr. Mulholland, the pre-treatment measurements and photos, my first two sessions, the mid-treatment measurements, post-treatment measurements and then final measurements. As per the post below, I then started a second round of (six) treatments, but once again did not experience any changes. I believe that LipoSonix sounds more promising.

Time for another Zerona update! Zerona is, if you're just joining us, a new fat-burning laser treatment that I'm testing out at SpaMedica in Toronto. (All the details about it are in this Q&A I did with medical director Dr. Stephen Mulholland, and you can also read up about my first couple of sessions and my most recent measurements.)

Anyway! Last time I posted about Zerona, I'd just had the final (sixth) session, which involves both the treatment itself and an encounter with the scales and measuring tape.

After that, the very last step happens a week or so later, when you just come in for one final weigh-in and get measured from head to toe. AND you get photos taken—always my favourite part! (Just kidding. And no, that's not me in the photo above... we actually get to wear a white, high-waisted paper thong, which is MUCH more flattering. Ha!)

Anyway, here's how I fared:

Overall, I actually GAINED weight (uh, five or six pounds—eek!), which is a mystery to me and can only be explained (as I said last time) by possible menstrual cycle fluctuations. It's either that or I'm drinking so much water to flush out the fat that it's actually water weight. Hmmm...

However, I'm told that it's not the number on the scale that Zerona really changes—it's the inches you lose. And I did lose some: 1.5 inches around my waist and 0.2 or 0.3 around my neck. (Why am I losing weight off my neck when my thighs are crying out for a smaller circumference? No fair.)

So the bad news? I was one of the few people who don't lose the guaranteed minimum number of inches, which is 3.

But did you hear me say "guarantee"? YES. That's the good news: Zerona will actually let you repeat the treatments, at no additional charge, if you don't lose the 3 inches (or more).

So guess what I'm doing starting tomorrow? You guessed it—I'm starting the entire cycle all over again. I think it's great that Zerona offers this to all their patients. I certainly wouldn't want to spend $3,000 on the treatments and walk away with no guarantee of the results! So I'm thrilled to be giving my poor thighs another chance. And of course, I'll keep you all posted on what changes I see the second time around!

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