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What Do You Think of the "Undercut" Hair Trend?

Sitting this one out.
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It all started with Rihanna. Or at least that's when I first paid attention to this hair "trend."

But then I started noticing evidence elsewhere of the undercut—a style that involves shaving away a section of hair and then leaving the rest long. I saw it on the street, on an otherwise very pretty and stylish girl at Anthropologie... and now, in this Daily Mail story:

High Street salons are now reporting a sharp increase in the number of women asking to have their heads partially shaved.

According to HOB salons, home to British Hairdresser of the Year Akin Konizi, as many as a quarter of its clients are requesting some form of undercut.

I guess I wasn't paying attention, because the undercut is becoming a big deal in the UK. Rihanna's not the only celeb rocking this look. There's ex-Spice Girl Mel B.:

Punky British model Alice Dellal:

And it's even surfaced on Carmen Electra:

And Cassie:

Okay, am I missing something? You tell me!

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