The Philips SatinPerfect Epilator is Somewhat Life-Changing

Sometimes a beauty gadget comes along that changes your life. Like this one...

Since it happens to be bikini season in Canada (even though I'm not clocking NEARLY enough time in one this year), let's chat for a moment about hair removal, shall we?

Do you remember the Epilady? It was the original epilator—a type of hair removal gadget that looks like an electric shaver, but actually yanks out hair from the roots. Ouchie! I never had the real deal, but when I lived in Australia a few years ago, the Emjoi Gently, which was basically the same thing, was all the rage with the 'Stralyans. And... it sucked. I bought it to use on my legs, but it was just useless at covering any significant surface area. And because it was slower than molasses in January, it HURT like you wouldn't believe.

But that was a long time ago. Turns out, they're making epilators A LOT BETTER these days.

The PR behind Philips was wonderful enough to send me the new Philips SatinPerfect Epilator to try, which looks like this:

I have to tell you—this has changed my life!

I've tried pretty much all the hair removal methods out there—shaving, waxing, even the Silk'n, which is like an at-home laser hair removal system. And while I was making good progress with the ol' Silk'n, you can't do it in the summer because you're not supposed to have a tan... AND it's stupidly expensive ($800 for the system, plus $60 for each refill).

What I liked about waxing was the long-lasting results. Epilating, because it's tweezing from the roots, gives you the same thing—but without any ingrowns AND the ability to do touch-ups on your own, anytime.

What's different about this machine from previous-generation epilators is that it's got a shiz-tonne more power.

The first time I used it (and sorry to be a bit graphic, but...) hairs were spitting out all over the place. It is FAST. (In fact, the claim is that it removes more hair in one stroke than any other epilator.)

And because it's ripping out the hair so quickly, it's honestly not that painful. Each time you do it, you'll notice the ouchies less... although the underarms and ankles are always going to be a bit more sensitive.

Other cool things:

  • It has a built-in light that helps you see what you are doing.
  • It is cordless (although you can also plug in to recharge).
  • It ALSO comes with different heads for shaving and trimming, plus a pair of tweezers with a built-in light and mirror.

Seriously, I love this product. And the price is pretty reasonable: $139.99 at The Bay, Zellers, and Personal Edge. Not bad when you consider that waxing just your legs alone can set you back $50+ a pop.

Have you ever tried epilating? What's your hair removal method of choice?

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