The New Ombré Hair is Way More Wearable Than the Original

Just look at Drew Barrymore and Julia Roberts.

You know about the Ombré hair trend, right?

Alexa Chung is the poster child, and it's all about dark roots and bleached-out blonde ends.

So yeah... it's not for everyone. (Well, except for my friend T., who told me the other night that she asked her hairdresser to make it look like she was growing out a really bad, '80s dye job. Only she could come out of there looking totally rad... if I tried that, there'd probably be tears. She is infinitely cooler than I am.)

Anyway! We'll call that look Ombré 1.0.

Now it's come to my attention that there's a softer, more subtle Ombré in town.

It has all the budget-friendly benefits of the original Ombré (meaning: you'll spend less time at the hair salon touching up those highlights) but the look is MUCH easier for us non-celebs to pull off.

And Drew Barrymore's hair is maybe the best example I've seen lately.

Let's look at it again:

Do you like?

Notice how seamless it is. There's no harsh line marking where the colour ends, and it's all in the same colour family, too (which makes me think she's had colour applied at the roots instead of letting her natural colour grow in... more on that below).

Now if that's still too radical for you, check out Julia Roberts at the Eat, Pray, Love premiere:

Her version is even more subtle, but again, the ends are definitely lighter than the roots. It looks SO natural though—as if they were lightened by the sun, not a hairdresser's foils. And I love that (like Drew) she kept it all in the same colour family.

How to get the new, subtle Ombré hair

Now. I inadvertently got a version of this hair myself the other week at the hair salon.

My colourist, in an effort to save me money (LOVE her), suggested that instead of doing highlights and colour every time, that I only do highlights every other appointment... and in between, get my roots touched up with my darker base colour. (I get the base colour all over to warm up my natural ashy hue.)

So now I have something kind of similar to what Drew is rocking—everything in the same colour family but a few inches of darker colour at the roots. I just might skip the highlights AGAIN and keep going with this look, who knows...

If you want even more of a contrast, ask your colourist to then add more highlights around the bottom sections.

Of course, you could always just leave your hair alone and let it grow out...but unless you've been blessed with hair that's in the same shade range (i.e. not ASH like mine), it might look a bit... how shall I put it?... unkempt.

I'll say it again: the key to a wearable version of this look is multiple shades of a single colour.

What do you think, guys?

Do you prefer Ombré 1.0 or Ombré 2.0?

Who do you think did it best—Drew or Julia? (Or Leighton?)

Are you an Eat, Pray, Love hater or are you totes going to see it?

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