Celebrity Hairstylist Kevin Murphy on This Year's Biggest Hair Trends

The hair we need NOW.

Time for a bit of a breather from all the makeup talk lately! Let's shift the focus to hair, because that's changing, too—at least according to celebrity hairstylist Kevin Murphy. And he knows stuff.

Remember Kevin? Last time he was in town, I raved about many of his awesome hair products, including the best beach hair product EVAH and hair curlers that will make you wonder why you ever bothered with the snaggy velcro kind.

This time, he was here to introduce a few more new prodz to the Canadian market—does the man ever sleep? I'll get to those in a second, but first! A video.

LOTS and LOTS of valuable info here, ladies. This is me picking Kevin's brain on:

  • The kind of shape and texture your hair should have now
  • What kind of cut to ask for
  • Why the Olsen twins need a new hairdresser
  • The beauty tools and products to invest in (hint: I've now become obsessed with finding a mini-crimping iron)
  • The easiest Day-to-Night hair trick

Here's the video:

And here are the new products out this month...

Powder Puff ($26), which is a powder that morphs into an invisible paste (kinda similar to the Schwarzkopf powder I've been raving about) and gives hair lots of volume:

Luxury Wash ($25) is a super-rich shampoo for thick, coarse hair:

And Luxury Rinse ($25) is its matching conditioner:

You might want to tell your guy about Night Rider ($22), which is a matte paste for wet or dry hair:

And finally, there is the Jet Pak ($43), which is a set of travel-size versions of the Hydrate-Me shampoo and conditioner, Anti-Gravity volumizer, Session Spray finishing spray and Fresh Hair dry shampoo. **out in October

So tell me...

Are you feelin' these new hair trends?

Ever tried any Kevin Murphy products?

Do you feel as triumphant as I do that Kevin ALSO dissed layers? Hooray!

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