5 New Cult Skincare Products You Should Know About

Calling all skincare junkies!

I don't write about skincare all that much here because unlike makeup, or even hair, it's really, really individual. What works for me might not work for you—and just going back to the subject of me: I test and rotate so many products that it's almost impossible to definitively say what's doing what, exactly. (As you know, with any new skincare item, you need to wait at least two, four, maybe six weeks to really give it a chance.)

Which brings me to the Eternal Beauty Editor's Conundrum: WHICH PRODUCT IS MAKING THE DIFFERENCE?

Honestly, it's sad that I can't tell you this, but at this point—after years of collecting so many prodz I need to try—I have skincare ADD. Perhaps part of the reason is that most things don't "wow" me. (Yes, I know, I don't give them a chance, but I told you I had ADD.)

But! I'm super-excited to tell you that I've just discovered a few things that had me at hello. Really!

Before I get into them, let me just back up a minute if I may. My basic philosophy on skincare—that most of it is internal—hasn't changed. (In case you're just joining us, I believe that the condition of your complexion is a direct reflection of what you're eating/not eating and, of course, how much you're sleeping. If you haven't seen the epic cod liver oil post/thread, get thyself over there now. The picture below reflects my love for the stuff.)

Yes, I just posted a cod liver oil heart.

Anyway! What's new in my skincare routine lately—when I'm not using my Lumixyl to target pigmentation issues—are some very excellent things from Beautyphica, a new Canadian online beauty boutique that specializes in "exceptional brands with exceptional ingredients."

Translation: they specialize in cult products... and I think we all love a good cult beauty product, right?

Most of the brands are European, and what's exciting is that we can finally buy them in Canada. The store carries not just skincare but also fragrance, bath & body prodz, suncare and makeup—but obviously skincare is where I want to focus, because I'm a sucker for this stuff. It's luxurious, plant-based, high-quality... so much more exciting than department or drugstore prodz, yes?

Beautyphica very generously sent me a few of their top picks to try. Just don't ask me to pinpoint what's doing what, because I couldn't resist dabbling in them all at the same time—oops!

Apot.Care Irido-Radiant Micellar Lotion Cleanser

Apot.Care is based on the principles of opthalmology—basically they want to take what keeps our eyes healthy and transfer those mechanisms to the skin. I think so many of us treat our skins SO harshly—unlike our eyes—so I think this philosophy is kinda neat.

I'm not really sure whether this is a toner, makeup remover or plain old cleanser (you apply it to a damp cotton pad and wipe, not rinse)... but it is aMAZing. It's super gentle and would be very good for hormonal, sensitive or stressed out skin. The bonus is that it leaves behind a whack of soothing chamomile, cornflower water and protective antioxidants.

Apot.Care Irido-Radiant Intensive Treatment Serum

Oh Em Gee. I heart this so very much. It comes out orange and gives your skin an incredible dewy glow. Which is too bad because you're supposed to only use it once a week as a treatment for stressed-out, ruddy, pigmented skin and wear it overnight. If I tell you the price, you will probably fall off your chair (it's $260)... but there's something about this one I like zillions of times more than the other pricey department store creams I've encountered. It makes me want to take on the world.

Aïny Nourishing Radiance Serum

I am so happy to have discovered Aïny because it's one of those (maybe the best?) eco-luxe lines that is both certified organic and chock full of gorgeous botanicals that smell sooooo good. (And, I think, are better for your skin than chemicals.)

This serum really isn't a serum but a face oil, and it's meant to protect, soothe and repair skin that's been attacked by sun exposure or harsh winter weather. I would only use this at night—when you wake up, your skin feels all plump and soft and moisturized. I just hope mine lasts through February!

Aïny Luxuriant Regenerating Cream

You're supposed to use this moisturizer on top of the serum—although I don't always—day or night. Like the oil, the scent is Out Of This World.

The final product I actually have not tried yet...

Ella Kare Glow Serum

... and the reason is because it's a two-part treatment: for the first 15 days it dispenses "phase one" (which removes dead cells and impurities) and then automatically "phase two" (which delivers luminosity) will come out. Someday I'll do it, but with my ADD I can't commit just yet! It does sound lovely, though. No wonder those French girls have such gorgeous skin.


Have you tried any of these brands?

Are you into cult beauty/skincare prodz?

Anything you're using on your face lately that's doing a good job? Tell me tell me tell me!

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