Mischa Barton Hasn't Looked This Fresh and Gorgeous in Ages

Let's give her some mad beauty props.

Mischa Barton has had a makeover. And this is a very, very good thing because every single time I've seen photos of her lately, it has prompted a silent "WTF?" in my brain. Yours too—don't lie.

Of course, there is another reason to be happy that Mischa has corrected her lapse in beauty (although maybe not fashion) judgement. In an interview last month with OK! magazine, she admitted that she struggles with depression, but is finally in "a better place."

Now, this is pure speculation here, but I think it shows. When you feel good, you are more inclined to want to look good. Because (sorry Mischa) this hairstyle was obviously not designed by a happy person:

I hate to kick a girl when she's down, but for purely instructive purposes may I just say? These are the very definition of Bad Hair Extensions. Bad colour, first of all, but most importantly, bad shape and texture. They just scream cheap, don't they, when they hang like that without tapering at the bottom. I imagine they'd feel like those awful synthetic wigs you buy at Halloween stores.

But that's what makes Mischa's new look all the more wonderful. It's as if she's risen from the ashes like some sort of Beauty Phoenix:

Incredible, right?

First of all, she looks a kajillion times better without all that fake-looking hair overpowering her face. (Although what, exactly, her hair is doing now is still unclear—I'm guessing it was damaged from years of extensions, so they had no choice but to give her this layered, wispy cut. Hopefully as it grows out she'll even it up with a nice, blunt lob. Wouldn't that look great?)

The colour is also better, because it is darker, warmer and more golden, and also varied in tone instead of a Girls Next Door-esque solid blonde mass.

The other thing is that for once, Mischa is unadorned with hair accessories. Who knows how long this will last, because as we all know, Mischa is a bit of a magpie and enjoys all manner of embellishments including hairbands, headbands, head scarves and fascinators. No simple black elastic band will do—not for Mischa.

It's not that I don't like hair accessories—they were actually one of my fave things about Toronto S/S '11 fashion week—but they can very easily become costumey with overuse. And I think going without them... without all that artifice... makes Mischa look so much more fresh.

And the red lips, well, what more can I say except that they are fabulous?

Okay, maybe a product recommendation. For colour this rich and matte, the product you want to use is this chubby pencil from NARS:

Can you believe Mischa's beauty transformation?

Weren't her hair extensions tragic?

Doesn't her new look make you want to paint on a matte red lip, like, right NOW?

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