How To Copy Kate Middleton's Engagement Beauty Look

Her hair and makeup was fit for a queen.

And it's a good thing, too, since she only had to share her engagement with the entire world yesterday. No pressure, Kate.

Now, I'm not really a royal watcher—haven't really been following this whole William-Kate romance or anything—so perhaps the girl has been killing it with her hair and makeup all along, I don't know. But either way, this beauty pundit is pleasantly surprised at just how well Kate nailed it for her big photo sesh. Someone is giving her very, very good advice.

Advice that us commoners just might learn from too...

First of all, we need to discuss The Hair.

I don't mean to gush but it's simply glorious, isn't it?

Glossy, smooth, shiny, voluminous, softly cascading over her shoulders. I could write more adjectives but I won't. All in all: it makes you really appreciate the tremendous power of a good old-fashioned professional blow-dry, doesn't it? Such a nice palette cleanse after all the frizzy stuff I've been making you look at lately.

I would love to tell you how you could DIY this look at home, but I will be honest: unless you're quite skilled (which I am not, not by a long shot), I don't know if it's possible. You might come close by using a round brush to dry your hair in sections, lifting at the roots and then smoothing down the shaft, gently curling at the bottom. It's just going to be a bit tricky to replicate that perfect, perfect wave that flirts over one eye... or the gorgeous waves with the soft, flippy ends. And of course, you need to start with insanely healthy hair to begin with. A shine treatment wouldn't go amiss, nor would a light smoothing serum all over to tame flyaways. Oh, and it helps if you're a brunette. Blonde doesn't reflect light anywhere near as well.

Probably easier: go for that professional blow-out (there are tons of reasonably priced blow-dry bars popping up all around us, including Blown at Hair on the Avenue in Toronto and the Blo chain in B.C. and Ontario). And then extend its life by:

1. Asking your hairdresser NOT to use any products unless absolutely necessary (since they tend to weigh your hair down and give you the greasies faster).

2. On the second (and third or fourth) days, applying dry shampoo to your roots (but not the part line).

3. Loosely wrapping a scarf around your hair to protect it from getting all messed up while you sleep.

4. Or if not, sleeping on a silk pillow so that your hair doesn't "tug." (It's great for preventing sleep wrinkles too!)

Got all that? Good. Now let's discuss the makeup, which is absolutely radiant and showcases one of the best eyelining jobs I've ever seen:

What is great is that you know she is wearing makeup, but nothing jumps out at you, which in my opinion is the very best kind of makeup. The focus is on the eyes—long (but not too long) lashes, soft grey eyeliner and shadow all the way around the eye, a hint of blush and then just clear gloss. (She has pretty great teeth for a royal, no?)

But the best part? Notice that the brows are not über-groomed, at least not on the top. This I heart very, very much, especially on brunettes with darker brows like Kate. I am not sure how well I'll be able to articulate this, but there is just something harsh when ladies with this colouring have brows that are too arched, too perfect on top. Their faces start to look like plastic. It's MUCH younger and fresher to groom the undersides only and leave things a bit unkempt (within reason of course) on the top, like here. And also to leave them on the thicker side. Seriously—trust me on this one.

Of course, a post on Kate Middleton would not be complete without a look at the ring, which I'm sure you've seen by now... but have you also noticed her manicure?

Again: simple, simple, low-key in what looks like a clear or verrrry pale pink polish. NOT a French manicure, which would be tacky. (Sorry to anyone reading who likes French manicures. I think where I got lost on the French was when people started doing them on their TOES. Non non non.)

When you think about it, though, this shade was really the only option to go with such flashy blue bling. Wouldn't it look kind of wrong with red, or taupe, or coral... or any actual colour? I do hope it doesn't become a problem for Kate that her manicure choices are now severely limited.

So tell me...

What do you think of Miss Middleton—is her hair, makeup and manicure suitably regal?

Do you think Diana would approve?

Do you think William needs Whitestrips?

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