Do You Prefer Kate Bosworth's or Blake Lively's Eyeshadow Application?

I'm on team Bosworth.

Two actresses. Both blondes. Both blue-eyed. (Sort of*.) Both gorgeous... obviously.

One is 27 years old—and generally looks fresh and lovely and age-appropriate (if not a little on the skinny side). *And only one of her eyes is blue; the other is brown—did you know?

The other is just 23, but is, in my humble beauty opinion, doing verrry questionable things with her eyeshadow that are adding years and years and years.

Shall we discuss?

First, let's take a moment to appreciate the makeup, above, on Kate Bosworth. No, I'm not down with her skanky dating ways and I really do wish the girl would eat a cheeseburger now and then, but you have to admit that at least from the neck up, she looks damn good. And since we are talking mostly about eyeshadow today, notice how hers is the way eyeshadow SHOULD BE.

As in: you don't see the eyeshadow; you see the eyes. (And lashes.) From what I can tell, all the makeup artist did was sweep a bit of a pale (the pale part is very important) pinky/peachy colour across the lids, and then emphasized the area around the eyes with a darker taupe shade. Nothing crazy, nothing too creative, but it works. This is how it is done.

Compare and contrast with Boobs Legsly I mean Blake Lively:

Seriously, what is UP with the peach eyeshadow painted ALL THE WAY from the lash line to the eyebrows?

Am I the only one bothered by this?

She is a repeat offender, too—the peach tones are definitely a recurring theme with our Blakey:

And worst of all, remember this one? A coppery disaster:

I realize that Blake's makeup artist is probably trying to make her eyes look bigger, since (like me) she has quite heavy lids. But I firmly believe they are going about this the wrong way.

What would be better would be to stick with emphasizing the lash line, and lashes, instead of all the theatrics on the lids. Comme ça:

OR, if visible eyeshadow had to be worn, at least she could go for a more subtle (i.e. taupey brown) colour, like Kate did here:

What do you think?

Do you agree that Blake kinda sux with the eyeshadow application and colour selection?

What do you think of Kate Bosworth's makeup skillz?

Which one is your favourite? (My vote goes to the Kate pic at the very top... so elegant and gorgeous... and as a blush addict, I die!)

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