Carmindy From 'What Not To Wear' On How To "Carmindize" Your Face

No really—she said that.

Carmindy, in real life, is really not that much different from the Carmindy we see on the TV show What Not To Wear. I met her when she was in Toronto about a month or so back to promote her new makeup line (more on that in a sec), and she looks exactly the same as she does on TV: very pretty, and surprisingly, not overly Botox-ed like I was expecting. (She is also super, super polished in her way of speaking and instead of letting me ask my interview questions, simply launched into a Vanna White-style presentation. I suppose that is what you get when you've been doing TV since 2003.)

Carmindy is also the only person I've ever interviewed who has referred to herself in the third person. There was much talk of "Carmindizing" your face with makeup. Which apparently we ALL should be doing.

Don't laugh. There is much wisdom behind this. Watch the vid to find out more:

I definitely agree with her on this highlighting and contouring business. In the past few seasons, there's been a lot of talk about a "sculpted face" coming back into fashion—but I just can't see that really happening in real life. Sure, I know a lot of people love their bronzer, but not many of us are up for artfully trying to shade ourselves a thinner nose or tighter jaw line. Right? At least I hope not.

It's so much easier, and more flattering, to bring light to the face instead of darkness. (And may I add that I've been talking up the inner eye thing for ages now? Best. Tip. Ever.)

As for the new makeup collection, Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Inspired by Carmindy, it's available now at The Shopping Channel and includes lots more stuff than I showed in the video (such as eyeliner, mascara and lip gloss). However, here are MY personal favourites:

Your Skin Makeup ($19)

Paraben-free, no icky makeup-y smell (which is a pet peeve of mine) and felt completely lightweight on my skin when I blended with a foundation brush. Really, really great.

Fast Fix Concealer ($12)

This looks pink here but in reality is not—just a really good, blendable and non-cakey concealer. A close dupe to my fave Nvey Eco!

Sheerest Cream Blush ($14)

I love a cream blush (they go better with the dewy, natural skin that I told you was in style right now) and this one is nicely translucent and natural-looking.

Last thing: As much as she talks up the primer in the vid, I really don't like it—WAY, WAY too much sparkle than anyone could reasonably need. And the eye primer simply does not work.

Second last thing: Don't be confused that the word "natural" in the product name means that they are actually natural (organic, eco-friendly, etc.) products. They are not. While they do contain some minerals and botanical ingredients, the term is being used here more to imply a simplified, "you only better" way of approaching beauty—make sense?

Are you a Carmindy fan?

Think you might check out her line? All in all, it's pretty good.

Do you highlight? Please don't tell me that you contour.

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