Is Gisele's Hair Too Messy, Beachy and Streaky?

I never thought I'd say this, but I am no longer feeling it.

Emphasis on the streaky.

Yeah, I know it's Gisele, and I know people (including myself, of course) have been coveting her hair for probably a decade now. And yes, if I had even a fraction of her beauty—even with BLUE hair—I'd be deliriously happy.

But I have to get something off my chest that's been bothering me for some time now: I am no longer down with her signature beachy, wavy, balayage'd locks. I kind of don't know what to do with that thought because it seems a bit sacrilegious almost.

However. Take a look at these pics (they're more recent than the one above) and tell me if you don't agree:

Is it the coat? Is it the shoes? (I am no fashion expert but I am DEFINITELY not feeling those.)

No, I think it's definitely the hair that is bugging me the most.

The ashy roots, the streakiness, the messy-looking texture... it's all reminding me of one of these:

Is that mean? Okay, maybe. But my point is that things in hair are changing. Changing to richer, more solid hues. As in one all-over colour—not obvious streaks.

And like I've been saying, the Mad Men influence is not over yet—not by a long shot—because it's also becoming more about polished, groomed, ladylike textures. Kate Middleton's engagement hair or the brushed-out waves I had when I did my Ombré being just two examples.

Probably the best celeb to reference is Leighton Meester (whose hair is attended to by my all-time hairdresser crush Charles Baker Strahan, who always, always GETS IT):

It is shinier, it is healthier-looking (although that may be mostly to do with how it's been styled) and despite not having obvious highlights, you can still see a bit of variation in the colour:

Even the Ombré trend shows that we're moving away from streakiness into solid colour. Did you know expert brown eyeshadow-wearer Hilary Duff got hers done?

Gisele, maybe that is something you would like to try.

NOW. I know what you may be thinking. Maybe the most compelling Real World thing about Gisele's colour is that it doesn't require constant touch-ups. Ombré doesn't either—UNLESS you have greys, because they just don't camouflage as well against the darker colour at the top of your head. Gisele's balayage colour, on the other hand, makes the greys look like they could be just another blonde streak.

So. To solve that problem, I'm sort of leaning toward a more solid application of highlights like Miss Kate Moss has here:

I do not advocate dyeing your hair solid-colour blonde unless you are Gwen Stefani and can afford to have someone do your roots every 10 days (and also constant deep-conditioning treatments to repair all the damage). I once let a hairdresser convince me to do it and that started me off on a painful two-year recovery process where I had to go dark to cover all the damage. Eeks!

But back to Kate's hair—it's got that richness, that warmness I'm talking about and it isn't streaky. Make sense?

Tell me:

How do you feel about Gisele's hair?

Do you like Leighton Meester's better?

What do YOU do about re-growth/gray hair issues?

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