Natalie Portman's Side Bun and Fuchsia Lips are the Perfect Party Look

Seriously, could they BE any more perfect?

No, no they could not. And this is why Natalie rules the red carpet, always.

Not to knock poor Blake Lively again—because she really got hammered the other day for her lash line-to-brow orange eyeshadow habit—but if you compare and contrast, Natalie just looks infinitely cooler with her low-key, effortless hair and makeup (save for the perfect, perfect accent of pink on the lips).

In fact I am so in love with this look that I am already going to declare it THE hair and makeup of the season. That's right: even though I've been praising brushed-out curls and the top knot and Kate Middleton hair and brown eyeshadow and the new bare-faced glam (whew! exhausted yet?), I think that for the month of December, this is where it is at, folks.

And this is what you need to pull it off:

1. A fuchsia lipstick (duh!)

Like I've been saying, the $6 Joe Fresh matte fuschia lippie has beauty editors raving right now. (It's REALLY awesome, saturated colour. Check it out on my pal M. here.) Other good picks: NARS lipstick in Schiap, Revlon ColorBurst lipstick in Fuchsia or YSL Pur Couture lipstick in Le Fuschia. Because lips tend to be on the dry/flaky side at this time of year, make sure that before you put it on, you buff away any flaky bits and then prep with a nice matte lip balm.

2. Groomed brows

Uh-oh... I feel another Blake Lively dig coming on. Okay, so you know how her brows are too light? (Go ahead. Look at these pics and then tell me if you don't agree.) Well, that can be a problem. Even though I've flirted with the brow-bleaching thing, I think for winter (and blonde people like Blake), defined brows just look a bit better. We want them to be full and groomed a la Natalie, and then you actually need less makeup. Definitely less eyeshadow anyway!

My fave brow pencil is this one from Dior, which has the most amazing fine, hair-like tip:

I've got some more fuller-brow tips here.

3. Blackest-black lashes (and maybe a hint of liquid liner) on the upper lid only

I think keeping the eye action to the upper lid is important with this look—it keeps it more clean. I'd use something like Maybelline New York's The Falsies to get this dramatic effect.

AND... perfect segue into my friend Janine's video yesterday on how to apply false lashes. Head over here to have a watch—she is adorable.

4. Blush

My pick for this one is—surprise!—not going to be the Giorgio Armani one I keep annoying you all about (though it would, obviously, look great too). No, I'm feeling my OTHER fave blush—YSL's Creme de Blush. It comes in a cute little pot and is in a slippy (silicone) cream texture and you can build it up to the coverage level you need. It has never failed me.

5. The hair (of course you were waiting for the hair, right?)

Okay, here it comes. But first—here's another visual from another angle:

Because the great Charles Baker Strahan already gave me some awesome tips on how to do this way back in the spring, I'm going to re-post them again here:

1. Wash and condition your hair. (If you're a flattie, you'll probably want something volumizing.)

2. Apply a small amount of mousse to damp or dry hair, focusing on the roots.

3. Blow hair dry, working through it with your fingers so it's piece-y and frayed. Don’t use a brush.

4. Working in sections (about 2 inches each, but don’t make them too perfect), curl your hair with a medium-barreled curling iron. Wrap the hair on the outside of the iron (instead of clamping and rolling).

5. Lightly run your fingers through your hair to tease and gently separate the curls. Spray with a volume-building hairspray.

6. Starting at one side, loosely braid your hair across the back of your head, working pieces in as you move across, sort of like a sideways French braid. Secure it on the other side with a clear elastic band. (NOTE: I can't tell if Natalie's hair incorporates this—so you could always just start the braid on the same side as the bun. Just make sure the bun is on the opposite side to where your part falls, so your hair falls softly over one eye and then into the bun. )

7. Twist and pin the braid into a bun, and then secure it with bobby pins (use two a time in a criss-cross shape to make it hold properly). Then spray with hairspray.

Annnnd you're done!

Do you have lots of holiday parties coming up—maybe even tonight?

Are you in love with Natalie's hair and makeup here as much as I am?

Do you think you might try this, or do you have another look in mind? (Does everyone plan these things ahead or am I just a nerd?)

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