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Beauty Products to Help Hide a Hangover

These sweet beauty prodz will disguise the telltale signs: splotchy skin, bleary eyes, hair that smells like FastFriedGreasies....
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Talk about greedy. A very nice company sent me a bottle of Veuve the other day and instead of saving it for a special occasion, or at least New Year's Eve, a girlfriend and I proceeded to guzzle it down two days later over takeout pizza and gossip. It WAS rather delicious, I must say—especially in contrast to the $10 "sparkling wine" we proceeded to open next. And besides the fact that I rarely drink (um... anymore), that is why I felt like I'd been run over by a truck the next morning. (I'm not blaming the Veuve—it's too expensive to cause something as icky as a hangover, right?)

Anyway! Hungover I felt... and hungover I looked. Luckily my shallow choice of career DOES come in handy sometimes.

This is my post-hangover beauty Rx. Maybe it should become yours too?


Have a shower, sure, if it will make you feel better... but don't use anything too harsh (a Clarisonic, say, or even any exfoliators) that will make your already-red-and-blotchy face even redder and more sensitive.

No, the problem you are dealing with, obvs, is a lack of moisture, so after cleansing with something nice and gentle (like Cetaphil or Dermalogica's Ultra-Calming Cleanser or even the new SpectroDerm for dry skin, which I am enjoying immensely right now)... want to add that moisture back in. And here is where I throw to a mention of the beauty wizardry that is the cloth mask. I've talked these up as a great thing for travel, for prepping your skin before special occasion foundation applications, and I cannot mention hangover remedies without them.

Brands to try: Olay ProX (they come with a serum), MyFaceWorks, or one I haven't mentioned yet, Pure + Simple:

For more awesomeness: Store it in the fridge overnight (or chuck it in the freezer for five minutes the morning of), and you'll get an additional cooling sensation, which is EXCELLENT for minimizing swelling, say, around the eyes.

To cover any blotchiness or post-party pimples, I'd opt for a creamy tinted moisturizer and then a cream concealer. Powder foundations on dehydrated skin have a tendency to kind of sit there and make your skin look dry and cakey. Josie Maran's tinted moisturizer is next on my list to try—since it contains argan oil I think it will be fabulously moisturizing:

You may also wish to add a bit of bronzer and definitely you will want some cream blush on the apples of your cheeks.


Okay, so you've already sort of dealt with the puffiness by using a chilled cloth mask. (Or you could try a chamomile tea bag on your eyes instead.) Follow it up with any eye cream that contains caffeine, which helps reduce fluid retention. Clinique has a new one called All About Eyes Serum, and it has a neat roll-on application that can help to manually displace the puffiness as well:

If your eyes are bloodshot, I'm not a big fan of eye drops because they're honestly not that good for your eyes if you use them too much... but for emergencies you may wish to invest in this little product, Collyre Blue:

These eye drops are a mega celeb red carpet secret for creating insta-white and clear eyes, but I've never seen them in a store so you'd probably have to buy online.

Now you want to keep going with that concealer, making sure to apply it at the inner corners of your eyes, which has an instant eye-brightening effect. White or skin-coloured eyeliner, too—applied in the waterlines—can also have a brilliant effect because it gets rid of redness. Try Benefit's Eye Bright:

UPDATE: I forgot to mention reader Gimped's tip (via Estée Lauder)—thanks to Skybluesky for the reminder! Try mixing your concealer with some eye cream and then apply it with a concealer brush: it will give your eyes an extra kick of hydration and will go on nice and creamy and smooth.... plus in Gimped's words: "Holy amazeballs!!! I looked so much better!!! -- the eye cream helped combat the crease factor."


If you don't recognize the term "FastFriedGreasies," you obviously do not know The Oatmeal (and you really should—particularly this work of genius).

Anyway, catching a whiff of stinky hair is something I abhor. Which is why I am in love with this new product from L'Occitane (if you don't have time to shower):

It is a perfumed hair mist that gets rid of yucky cooking smells and cigarette smoke and other unpleasant things that wish to linger in our hair. And you know how a lot of hair mists smell kind of, well, cheap? This one doesn't. It is scented like expensive roses and is AWESOME.

The other thing that is essential for post-hangover hairstyling is, of course, dry shampoo. You know the drill.


Time for another Kate Bosworth shot! (Sorry.) But like I keep saying, she ruleth when it cometh to not just eyeshadowbut also lipstick.

And there is nothing better than a bright lipstick for distracting from eyes that aren't looking so fresh and wide-awake, yes?

Personally, I'd go for a fuchsia (since I'm really feeling fuchsia these days), but you could also do a pretty poppy red or a coral or a lighter pink like Kate is wearing here... your choice.

Have you nursed your first hangover of the season yet?

Which beauty prodz and/or beauty tricks do you rely on to distract from your hangover face/hair?

Did you have lunch at FastFriedGreasies today?

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