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Did Gwyneth Paltrow Get Botox?

It sure looks like it...
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I don't know why, but it shocks me that Gwyneth Paltrow would fiddle with cosmetic procedures.

Quite possibly/probably she's been having work done for years, but it wasn't until Jessica from Beauty Woo Me alerted me on Twitter to a Hollywood Walk of Fame appearance yesterday that I actually noticed something was... off.

Like, really off. Don't believe me? Check this out:

Kind of frozen, right?

Now I know Gwynnie would hate me for posting this unflattering one, but see how something weird is happening with her face muscles when she tries to make a different expression?

The kicker is this one, because as I mentioned here, we all know what "bunny lines" mean...

Apparently it's not just Botox, though. This piece quotes two docs who think it's a combination of Botox, injectable fillers under the eyes and cheeks, laser skin tightening and possibly even eyelid surgery.

I don't have an issue with any of it, honestly—except for the Botox. I am just not down with the creepy frozen look it's giving her.

Here's Gwyn back in February:

Hard to say definitively, since she's smiling in the other pics, but I think her face looks thinner here. If it were me, I'd have stuck with just the filler. You're only 38, Gwyneth! Let Nicole Kidman be a cautionary tale.

Do you think Gwyneth looks like she's paid a visit to the Botox doc?

Does she look better Before or After or do you not see much of a difference?

Did you read last week's GOOP? I can't get over her telling me to buy $795 Uggs. Please.

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