The Best Celebrity Hairstyles of 2010

These cuts, styles and colours made me want to run (not walk) to my hairdresser this year.

Eeks! It's the last week of 2010—how did that happen?

Hopefully Santa was good to you on Saturday and you're taking some time off this week to lounge around, eat a lot, maybe have a sneaky shopping trip or two and then eat and lounge some more. (Oh and maybe play with some ofyour newbeautyprodz.)

While you're doing that—the eating and lounging, that is—it's also a time for reflection on the year that was. And here comes the beauty angle: over the next few days, let's take a trip down memory lane and look back at some 2010 beauty highlights. Starting today with... HAIR!

Emma Watson's pixie cut

So good that I had to show the photo twice. Emma's Mia Farrow-inspired cut is right up there in terms of radical hair transformations—but I think the gamble paid off. (Unlike, well, Ashlee Simpson's attempt. Sorry Ash.)

Sure, she'll have to wear more eye makeup now, and keep her eyebrows in tip-top tweezed shape... but seriously, now that all the hair is gone, how pretty IS this girl? We had no idea.

SJP's brushed-out waves

I've been banging on for what feels like forever about how tired I am of "Hollywood Hair." You know, those dropped-out waves that are obviously done with a flat iron (because they are TOO perfect) and which have appeared far, FAR too often on the red carpet over the past few years. For some reason, it's the Trying Too Hard celebs (like Stephanie Pratt and Heidi Montag, and sometimes, Miley Cyrus) who seem to favour them.

The new hotness is brushed-out waves, like SJP is sporting here (and me in this post!). Same flat iron technique to achieve (except you definitely want to leave the top third straight), you just brush them out with a good paddle brush (like Mason Pearson) so that they look more natural and a bit '70s, like the blonde model in these pics of the Marc Jacobs spring '11 show.

Keri Russell's top knot

The summer of 2010 was definitely the summer of the topknot, non? I do hope it stays with us, even if it's a bit of a man-repelling style—it's just so darn easy and cool (literally) to wear in hot weather.

I liked Keri's version the best. It's a little bit ballerina-like and a little bit messy. DIY instructions here.

Sienna Miller's blonde bangs

So. You may or may not know that I keep a "haircuts" folder on my computer. Because it's always smart to bring a few ideas in before you let your hairdresser have his/her way with you.

After The Great Bang Debacle of 2007—in which an evil, evil man cut my bangs to mid-forehead length, requiring a full two years of growing them back out—I'd been wearing my hair all-one-length, fearful of it happening again. Until I saw this pic of Sienna and knew I had to have bangs like this immediately. And blonder hair. 

Kate Bosworth's side braid

Ah, yes. Another important hair trend in 2010 was side-hairdos.... possibly kicked off by Alexander Wang's spring '10 side braids, which Kate Bosworth demonstrated so very well in real life. Don't you just love that she wore her hair like this for evening? It's that high-low thing (fancy dress, not-so-fancy hair) brought to beauty.

Celebrity hairstylist Charles Baker Strahan gave me a kick-ass side braid (or bun) tutorial which you may care to follow.

Natalie Portman's side bun

And speaking of side-hair-things, nobody did the side bun better than Natalie Portman. (I've been talking her up so much lately because she's been looking particularly gorgeous and glowy... and whaddaya know—she's preggers! So it's true what they say...)

Taylor Swift's straight-hair transformation

After maybe not-so-kindly pointing out that I was growing weary of T-Swizzle's go-to curly look (I won't go into detail—you know what I'm talking about), nobody was more delighted than me to see her with straight hair at the 2010 AMAs.

Some say it was a wig; I say, who cares—it still looks good, and I think we should be encouraging these changes. Now we just need to get working on that makeup...

Kate Middleton's royally excellent waves

Just like I never thought I'd embrace glitter nail polish, Kate Middleton has me re-thinking how I feel about conservative hairdos. Her blow-out is KILLER here... and even though it's not edgy or trendy (and, let's face it, wouldn't look out of place on a TV anchorwoman), I adore it.

I've had some requests for a how-to, so stay tuned on that for 2011.

Rachel Bilson's Ombré colour

In terms of colour, the big story of 2010 was Ombré, which yours truly gave a whirl back in the fall. (I've since added highlights back in for a few reasons which I'll get into in a post coming soon.... not that that means I don't still love this look.)

Rachel Bilson, I think, is the best Ombré-wearer. She's got the right haircut (no bangs) and texture (a little bit wavy), which gives this a gorgeous, beachy, California vibe. If you'd like to try this one at home, check out these DIY tips from Luis Pacheco.


Snooki's pouf

Just kidding.

I meant to write:

Leighton Meester's cut, colour, style... everything!

Maybe it started with the Gossip Girl hairbands... or when I met her hairdresser, the aforementioned Charles Baker Strahan, in person... but I am just in love with Leighton's hair full stop. I know she switches up her colour a lot—right now it's a bit darker than in this pic—but it's always some version of a warm, rich, tawny tone that I wish I could wear myself. (I can't. CBS told me my skin tone is too pink.)

Leighton's texture is always perfection, too, and if I didn't know better, I'd think it was all-natural. (Of course I know the secret: it's the tousling trick that Charles describes here.) And I love that she doesn't wear the same style all the time: some days it's half-up, sometimes an updo, sometimes just loose, stylish waves. This is why Herbal Essences snagged her as their spokesperson. Smart, right?

So tell me...

What was your favourite haircut/colour/style of 2010?

Have any of these celebs inspired you to try something new with your hair?

Which hair trends do you hope go away NOW? (I'm thinking Snooki's pouf isn't the only Jersey Shore style that needs to be retired...)

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