The Best Celebrity Makeup Looks of 2010

These 10 makeup moments rocked my world.

As much as I love to geek out over the makeup on the catwalks, it's the celebs who really do it for me. Just like a very wise man (okay, my hairdresser Bill Angst) once told me to look at the celebrity gossip mags for hair inspiration, the same goes for makeup. OF COURSE a 16-year-old model is going to look good in that bold lip/smoky eye/whatever... but when you see it interpreted for the red carpet, it's less fantasy world and more real life.

Meaning the likes of you and I can probably pull it off too. Yay!

So continuing along with our look back at 2010's beauty bests, here are 10 celebs whose MAKEUP really did it for me this year. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous...

#10: ScarJo's pop of yellow

Well this was unexpected, wasn't it? File the slightly shimmery yellow shadow under Beauty Trends I Never Thought I'd Endorse... because I think it looks surprisingly hawt on the risk-taking Miss ScarJo.

I'm a huge fan of highlighting the inner corners of the eyes, just because it makes your eyes look 10 times more sparky and wide-awake... but lately, I've found the excessive use of white highlighter there just a tad dated looking (SO early 2000s, no?). Although it isn't something you'd want to wear everyday, the yellow gives the same eye-brightening effect but is infinitely cooler. Yes?

#9: Dakota Fanning's golden lids

And here, from the Eclipse premiere, is another lovely take on golden eyelids. Normally our evening makeup instinct is to work the shiz outta our eyeliner and to shade and contour like nobody's business. But I love the simplicity here: gold shadow concentrated along the lash line, with just mascara and a bit of black liner at the upper waterline.

With pretty much zero other detectable makeup, it's a really young, fresh look—and I suspect that it would make you look young and fresh even if you're significantly older than Dakota, who is 20 16. Isn't it so refreshing to see a young starlet not wearing a face full of makeup? Miley Cyrus, take note.

#8: AnnaLynne McCord's '60s makeup

Retro makeup is risky (especially when you add hair into the mix, as AnnaLynne does here, at the Power of Women Luncheon in October). But you know what? This works for me. The eyes are shaded and lined and possibly adorned with false lashes in a nod to the '60s... but the colours are kept soft, soft, soft. And the lips are matte and pale but not at all chalky (a GREAT pale lippie is Shiseido Perfect Rouge Tender Sheer in shade #PK 224, by the way).

Plus? Her skin. It's incredible.

#7: Mischa Barton's makeover

Mischa scores a spot on my list for her radical transformation from Scary Lady (which was giving me a case of the sads) to this fresh-faced, red-lipped look, which makes her look a zillion times younger (and happier). It's exactly how you want to wear a red lip for day: the skin isn't covered up with tons of foundation—I love that you can see her freckles!—and the eyes are defined with just mascara. I'm liking the matte finish of the lipstick, too. Well done, Mischa!

#6: Camilla Belle's eyebrows

When it comes to makeup, lips and eyelids always seem to grab our attention... but defined, well-groomed eyebrows can be equally (if not more) show-stopping. Especially when yours are as good as Camilla Belle's (here at the Toronto International Film Festival). See how she doesn't really need much eye makeup? It's a cool trick, that. (And one Blake Lively needs to learn, clearly.)

I can't stress enough that you need to go for a professional eyebrow shaping, if you haven't before, instead of attempting to DIY. Left to our own devices, most of us tend to over-pluck, so getting your brows rehabbed is a smart beauty move. Also: see if you can find someone who just tweezes or threads instead of waxes... wax tugs the skin (which causes wrinkles) and can also remove skin if you're using certain types of anti-aging products, like Retin-A.

#5: Reese Witherspoon's smoky eyes

Let's give Reese the award for best use of a multi-coloured eyeshadow palette. Because there is something just so incredibly great about her eye makeup here. (Check out the close-up if you want to get a better look.) She's used complimentary rich jewel tones like copper and purple and a greenish grey—all FAR more interesting than the standard grey or black smoky. There's also some shimmer in the works, which picks up the light in her eyes (and, of course, belongs there on the eyelids instead of on the cheeks now, yes?). All so pretty with the bare lip too.

#4: Hilary Duff's brown eyeshadow

Hilary Duff, apparently, does her own makeup, which makes her skillz with brown eyeshadow all the more impressive. This is just a technically masterful smoky eye. And Hils was smart enough to let it stand alone by pairing with a nude lip, defined brows and some super-flattering blush/bronzer. I wish she'd come over and do MY makeup sometime.

#3: Christina Hendricks' red lips

I heart Christina Hendricks so very, very much. And whoever came up with that rule about redheads not being able to wear red lipstick needs to be shown this pic (from the Golden Globes) again and again and again. I actually think Christina looks BEST in a red lip (although these Esquire shots are pretty incredible too). Some might say that she's gone a little heavy-handed with the blush, but seeing as I tend to do the same thing, all is forgiven. If only I could trade in my increasingly freckly skin for this peaches and cream gorgeousness... there ain't no beauty product that can deliver that.

#2: Natalie Portman's fuchsia lips

Just two celebs made the hair list AND the makeup list. And the first—no surprise—is Miss Portman, who always looks amazing on the red carpet, but even more so lately because she has that with-child glow about her.

You may have noticed that I'm having a love affair with the fuchsia lip lately and Natalie absolutely nails it. I am deducting a few points, however, for the slightly clumpy mascara. That's what lash combs are for, Nat!

#1: Kate Bosworth's dewy peach perfection

There were probably a few dozen photos I could've chosen as praise for Kate Bosworth's excellent ways with makeup (and as we saw yesterday, hair). She is just THAT GOOD—a beauty editor's dream, if you will. I can't think of any other celeb who mixes things up as fearlessly as KB does—one day, it's a bold red lip, the next, matte pink, and the next, a dialed-up eye. And if you have photo evidence of her ever getting it wrong, I would love to see—because I've personally never seen it happen.

This soft, peachy look is probably my favourite, because I think it's makeup we'd ALL love to wear (and *could* wear). There's no one element that stands out as "very 2010"—nor is there obvious shadow or liner. Just long lashes and dewy skin and a pretty peachy flush. LOVE. IT.

Which celeb do you think had the best makeup in 2010?

Have you jumped on board with any of these looks yet? (Like I said, Joe Fresh sells the fuchsia lippie for $6...)

What makeup are you planning to wear for New Year's Eve, yo?

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