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Lauren Conrad is Now a Brunette

And I like it—a lot. In fact, ALL of these brown-haired beauties have fab colour...
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Just the other day, Marina from Makeup4Allmade a comment here about wanting to put highlights in her dark hair—but hesitating, because she hasn't found the right colourist.

And how right she is! (To hesitate.) While mousy, ashy light brown peeps like me find it so very easy to hit the bleach—it's why I have blonderexia, after all—it's a different story when you're talking about adding highlights to brown hair. Hair that you want to STAY brown.

A lot of hairdressers don't get that. And that's how a lot of women end up walking around with too-light, too-obvious, too-streaky highlights. Which is the exact opposite of what's coming 'round in hair for 2011 (if it ever really left): rich, warm, tone-on-tone hues.

And this brings me to our friend LC, who—wowza!—just joined the Brunette Club. 

Kind of funny when just the other day I mentioned how I wasn't really feeling her Ombré:

THEN—in December—she was spotted as a blonde again:

And now this. Do you like?

I do, and you know why? Unlike certain celebrities' attempts at radical hair changes (ahem... Gwyneth Paltrow back in the day), it's not one solid block of colour. The highlights around the face give it DIMENSION... but they aren't light enough to make it look streaky (ahem.. Gisele).

Make sense?

Also: Is it just me or are we seeing some kind of Kate Middleton beauty effect?

Suddenly it really seems to be all about the brunettes in Hollywood. So if you are looking for a little hair dye inspiration, here are a few more brunette beauties I spotted at CoverGirl's 50th anniversary party this week. (No, I was not actually THERE there. You know what I mean.) You may wish to show these pics to your colourist.

Here's Sophia Bush, who also has some great highlights going on—these ones more at the ends of her hair.

And Sofia Vergara—SUCH a sexpot.

Apparently she's not a real brunette—did you know? Honestly, you would never guess, because this glossy colour looks so natural. No highlights here, but she doesn't need them. Sometimes simple works best.

Finally, Jessica Lowndes (who is Canadian—woot!).

She is on 90210 and perhaps that's why she hasn't fully evolved yet in terms of her go-to red carpet hairstyle (I don't like these ringlets). But she is included here because I DO like her colour. It's like, Pantene commercial shiny.

And all of this brings me to Drew Barrymore, who was also at the CoverGirl party. Given our Ombré-bashing session the other day, I was REALLY hoping she'd show up with something new (seeing as I haven't spotted any photos of her in a month or so).

Alas no...

Annnnd I'm officially over this trend.

Please pick a colour, Drew: brunette or blonde... but not both. Coupled with the limp style, it all just looks like you couldn't be bothered. (As someone said on Twitter the other day: "I hate the Ombré trend! Just looks like we're too lazy to get our roots touched up!" WORD. In a few years, we will probably look back at this and laugh.)

How do YOU feel about Drew's hair?

And LC as a brunette?

What about the rest of these brown-haired celebs?

PS. Taylor Swift was at the party too... and MAN is she tall. Drew could fit in her pocket.

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