How to Choose (and Use) the Right Foundation

Watch and learn from celeb makeup artist Luis Casco.

Okay, guys. We've been talking A LOT about all things foundation and primer here lately. (One of last year's most popular posts was on the 7 mistakes you're probably making with your foundation... and we've discussed almost toomanyprimerstocount.)

But this vid—which I filmed in New York City last fall at an event hosted by Mary Kay—ties everything together in a nice little bow.

Yep, I said Mary Kay. Remember how shocked I was that I actually LIKED their makeup (specifically the Cheek Glaze)? Well the Mary Kay image reinvention continues, because they have celebrity makeup artist Luis Casco on board, who you may have seen on Tyra or "E," etc.

OMG does he ever have some great tips: on choosing the right shade of foundation, how to apply it properly (along with your primer and concealer) and a whole bunch more sneaky tricks that every good celeb makeup artist always has.

Here's the vid:

I apologize for the shaky camera work!

Anyway, here are the two foundations he was talking about, both new this month from Mary Kay:

One is called Matte and the other, Luminous (although have no fear–not in a shimmery way). Choose according to your skin type: even though they're from the TimeWise line and have tons of anti-aging ingredients, they're actually not just for the olds. And like Luis does in the video, you could use them both if you want to get a bit of sheen on the higher planes of your face. SUCH a better idea versus going all Kristen Bell styles.

The beauty eds got the chance to shade-match themselves at the event, and I have to admit I had trouble doing it on my own, just because there were so many colour options. Which brings me to the great thing about Mary Kay: someone else can come over and do this FOR YOU in the comfort of your own home. (Or, well, in your backyard... you do know that you're supposed to look at the colour in bright, natural light, yes?)

I wonder if they drive over in their pink cadillacs...

Anyway! The foundations themselves are also pretty high coverage, so a little bit goes a long way. I will admit I've not given mine much of a test drive since at the time of this event my skin started to go into full-blown post-Oil Cleansing Method disaster mode, and I've been laying off anything not mineral.

(An aside: It's always fun when your skin acts up at a beauty event. In the immortal words of FASHION's beauty director: "Being a beauty editor with bad skin makes you feel like a fraud." At the time, my chin was SOOPER dry and flaky, because of the castor oil, and Luis told me to use moisturizer—um, ya think? Anyway, I could tell he was wondering what business I had doling out beauty advice. Ha!)

Anyway, Mary Kay are also launching a primer and a foundation brush to go with the foundations. I will be honest: I find the primer too silicone-y for my taste, but your mileage may vary. (And, well, a foundation brush is a foundation brush.) My fave primers include Hourglass Mineral Veil, Cover FX Clear Prep FX and of course, the great Shu Uemura UnderBase Mousse.

Do you wear liquid foundation?

What about primer?

When Luis gives the model a face massage did it not make you want that RIGHT NOW?

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