Golden Globes 2011 After-Parties: The Must-See Beauty Looks

And now for the after-parties... where the beauty vibe was decidedly more low-key.

Like I said, the best thing about this year's Golden Globes was Ricky Gervais. But the second best thing was watching the reactions of the narcissists in the audience. You could tell that most of them weren't sure whether to laugh or call their lawyers. Priceless.

The other amusing thing was the whole celebrity hierarchy. Movie stars > TV stars, obviously. And you can be sure that the former were none too pleased about having to share red carpet territory with the latter.

Fortunately—for the movie stars, that is—some lesser-known celebs know their place. They skip the award ceremony itself, but rock up to the after-parties, where they're still dressed-up but slightly more casually. In my opinion, this is better. It's hard work pulling off all that Marchesa and Armani Privé and (horrors) Zuhair Murad. No wonder only a few succeeded and most failed.

So for the final post in our Globes trifecta, I'm giving some love to the celebs we (mostly) never hear of, spotted at the GG after-parties...

MOST ELEGANT: Malin Akerman

Despite having zero familiarity with Malin's thespian ouevre, she's a favourite around here for her red carpet prowess. Always simple and quietly elegant... the show-off celebs have much to learn from this lady. Notice how she has thin lips and yet is not a) tempted to inject them with filler, nor b) afraid to accentuate them with red lipstick.


I was enchanted by Diana Agron's hair, which was pinned up on each side with girly, glam barrettes. But Odette's version of the half-up, half-down look is perhaps superior. It is, at least, sexier. I could have done with a bit less volume up at the top, but overall? A well-executed take on the classic Bardot style.


Some of you took issue with Selena's heavy-ish makeup at the People's Choice Awards. She is only 17, after all. And so I present you this look, which is definitely more toned-down on the makeup but still a bit glammy with the wavy ponytail.

CUTEST FRECKLES: Jessica Lowndes

Remember Jessica? The last time we saw her, it was at the CoverGirl 50th anniversary party and she was showing off some rather fabu shiny brown hair. This time, what's on display is freckles. And I love them, because you know what they mean? They mean that she's not wearing a heavy film of foundation like some people we know. Bonus points for the excellent strong brow and lip. You're going places, Jess.

And now for three celebs who probably should've just stayed at home in their PJs:


I know what Amber was trying to do here, and I appreciate the effort. BUT. It's tricky territory when you try to go too literal with a retro beauty look. With the matte skin, matte lips, strong brows and Old Hollywood hair, it's all a bit much—she should've lost at least one or two elements here in order to look more modern and fresh. Oh, and Amber? I hope you did not stand next to January Jones.

PS: You need some lip balm.


We don't have a lot of love for Kim on this blog, mostly because she's one of the worst offenders in Hollywood (besides Katy Perry) for overdoing it on the makeup. I thought this pic was particularly illustrative of the problem, which is one of foundation, I believe. And the area of concern runs from under the eyes to the upper lip. See how it's almost white? And doesn't match her forehead or chin? Now, we know Kim has mega-dark circles and we sympathize... but surely there are concealers and foundations out there that perform better than this?


Okay, it's kind of crazy that Alyssa Milano is 37 and appears not to EVER age. But it's also kind of crazy that she thinks that gives her license to wear HAIRBANDS. And one that looks like it was purchased at Claire's at that. (Okay, maybe that's not fair to Claire's—I've seen some nice stuff there.)

At least she made a good call with the pink lipstick. And I'll stop there because I just noticed another offense: over-tweezed eyebrows.

Now, over to you:

Which after-party look is your fave?

Do you think maybe we should send Kim some foundation and concealer recos? You know, to help?

Do you think Alyssa looks good or are you insulted by her hairband?

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