Celebrity Hairstylist Oribe Shares His Beauty Secrets

J. Lo's hairdresser on his signature style, finding the right cut and how to look (and feel) glamorous.


Fact: Nothing feels better (sexy, glamorous, and like you could take on the world, Mary Tyler Moore-style) than Big Hair. As in the bouncy, smooth, shiny kind that you get when a really great hairdresser blows it out at the salon.

Also a fact: The master of said Big Hair is none other than Oribe, who only needs to use his first name since, as the world's first (?) celebrity hairstylist, he's been doing hair for 30+ years (!!) and counts Jennifer Lopez, Drew Barrymore and Alicia Keys as clients.

But forget the stars! For beauty editors, meeting someone like him is kind of more thrilling than interviewing a celeb. (Really, it is. That time I got to "chat" with Christina Aguilera for her perfume launch? Kind of agonizing—although at least she wasn't in her frightening brown blush phase at that point.)

Anyway, when Oribe was in town a little while ago to present his eponymous line of hair products, I had to bust out my vid-cam to record his Hair Wisdom. (Not caught on camera: when he told me—TWICE!—that I looked like a young Nicole Kidman. BLESS. No wonder the stars love him.)

And you will too. Here's the vid:

And here's a fun shot of Oribe at work with J.Lo. (Cut from the video: The part where he said he loved working with celebs, but that you can "become a handmaiden" sometimes. Oh HAI. Just who could he be talking about?)

Oribe was also the man responsible for Anne Hathaway's hair on this recent Vogue cover, just FYI. He's a busy guy!

We didn't talk too much about his product line in the vid, but I have to tell you: it's AMAZE. First of all, it's gorgeous—have you ever seen packaging like this?

But I also know the contents actually work because my hairdresser, Bill Angst, was one of the very first to carry it in Canada—and he NEVAH carries hair products. Now, you can buy it at Holts and BeautyMark.ca along with other independent salons. (Call 1-888-ORIBE-99 for locations.)

Besides the excellent volume-building Dry Texturizing Spray that he mentions in the vid, also check out the Masque for Beautiful Color, which launched last month:

Have you tried any of Oribe's prodz yet?

Don't you wish he could do your hair?

Well, I asked him and he charges $400 per cut. As per my Life Cut post, I could actually almost justify that. Almost. Could you?

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