Grammys 2011: The Must-See Beauty Looks

Forget Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj—has Lea Michele ever looked this fantastic?

...And, okay, worsts too. Because we're not above a little bit of constructive beauty criticism 'round these here parts.

But obviously when it comes to the Grammy Awards, we give a bit more leeway. Because musicians are, you know, creative and stuff—and that's why I find myself endorsing things that would otherwise be clownish in real life, such as Rihanna's matchy-matchy red hair/lips/eyelids, and Katy Perry's rainbow eye makeup. But more on those later, because first, can we talk about Lea Michele?

FREAKIN' FANTASTIC, I say. Just ignore that hair that appears to be stuck in her lipstick and instead appreciate the lipstick colour itself (which is kind of like my current fave nail polish shade, OPI's Too Hot Pink to Hold 'Em, so no wonder I like it). Hair is also natural and effortless, and you know what? Even her brows are not bothering me today.

For me, Lea wins. But there were a few other peeps who looked fab too: Dianna Agron, Selena Gomez, and BFFs Gwyneth and Beyoncé (BUT OF COURSE). Let's take a look, and then we can snark about everyone else's random beauty weirdness...

So first up are Gwyneth Paltrow and a blonde Beyoncé:

Glowing skin, softly waved hair, tasteful nude makeup, cellulite-free thighs, zillion-dollar diamond rings... I just can't take it! Can you? By the way, I love Gwynnie's Day-Glo nail polish colour.

Selena Gomez is always fresh and cute on the red carpet:

Love that pink lip gloss. Maybe the hair extensions are a bit too long, but it's Hollywood so what do I know.

Dianna Agron is quickly becoming one of my red carpet faves:

That is some FIERCE eyeshadow, no? I once read that the way to do this is by applying the shadow first and THEN wiping it off at the edges so that you get that precise, hard line. Now I want to try it. I love the hair too: slicked-back on the sides but voluminous on top.

Here is Julianne Hough:

Generally pretty cute—I really like her hair. Maybe I'm being paranoid here, but I think I detect some bunny lines around the nose, a well as plumping action in the lower lip. (And I don't mean the lip gloss kind.) Just me?

If you don't know who Sara Bareilles is, she was nominated for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance. And she also excels at this Fendi-esque updo:

Do you like it? I'm kind of digging it... although perhaps would've liked to see it a bit fuzzier, like the runway version.

Haven't seen a pic of Selma Blair (who is preggers) in what feels like forever:

Okay, so even though I am 100 percent PRO long bangs, I don't like the hair in her eyes. And yet, I am still intrigued by this bronzey shadow. It looks kind of cool with the navy dress and her dark hair, doesn't it? Really wished she'd pulled back the hair.

Next up is my Nic. I say "my" because the most recent person to tell me I resemble her was Oribe. I'm never sure whether to be flattered or offended...

And this look is no exception. The hair is good, and the makeup is fine, but there is still weirdness going on with the upper lip. Injections or a new set of veneers?

Here's Jennifer Hudson, who recently slimmed down A LOT:

I've always thought Jen was a gorgeous, gorgeous girl, but I'm not sure how I feel about this weight loss. Yes, it's probably (hopefully?) healthier, but as you can see here, she's lost that pretty plumpness to her face and it's emphasizing the lines around her mouth a bit. Also: Is it just me or do her boobs look... off?

Oh Jennifer Lopez, you never stop:

Not much to say here, except that it's typical J. Lo., and it could be 2001 or 2011—you'd really never know from looking at this photo.

And speaking of J. Lo., I think Kim Kardashian is picking up a lot of her beauty tips:

Same parted, glossy lips, you see? And über-long hair. Kim has mixed it up this time, however, by adding some coppery highlights. I don't like them.

You know who is, in turn, getting beauty tips from Kim? Eva Longoria:

Those lashes! Make them stop. Also notice that Eva is doing the same thing as Kim in the under-eye area: applying way too much concealer and in too light of a colour. It's off-putting.

And yet, she is in good company with this caked-on makeup because whaddayaknow? Here's Katy Perry:

At first glance, the rainbow theme kind of makes me smile—and I get it, it's the Grammys. I just wish it wasn't so mask-like. Combined with the too-solid colour hair, she looks like a doll. Russell? How do you feel about this?

Miley Cyrus is not only back on the extensions train, but has also lightened her colour a bit:

A little brassy, a little streaky, but not bad. I guess.

Now, Kelly Osbourne:

I really love watching Kells on that Joan Rivers show, but what happens when this bird hits the red carpet? Somehow her hair morphs into something stiff and choppy and '80s. And I'm no fan of the mauvey lipstick either.

And now for something a little different. Florence Welch (nominated for Best New Artist):

Maybe it's just because I still have a Christina Hendricks-inspired thing for red hair, but I like this. Like the cut, like the texture, like the dress (swans!), like the minimal makeup.

Also in the red hair camp was Rihanna:

And only RiRi could pull off putting red all over her eyelids and lips in addition to the hair.

Someone who cannot, however, is Hayley Williams (nominated for Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals):

This is Not Cute.

Snooki is always a crowd-pleaser:

And this isn't bad... for Snooki. I'm not completely offended by the '60s-ish hairdo, actually. But obviously we want her to lose the earrings, 10 inches of eye makeup, and embark on a Crest Whitestrips program for a couple of weeks.

Meanwhile, I am still concerned for Christina Aguilera:

Looks like that bloated Moon Face is still happening. I am, on the other hand, enjoying the (short, red, rounded) manicure.

And oh! Did I say "forget Gaga and Minaj?" Well, what would a Grammy Awards re-cap be without at least showing you a couple more pics?

Here's Nicki:

And here's what I've got for Gaga. Yes, she arrived in an egg.

Did you watch the Grammy Awards?

Which was the best look? Worst look? (Did I leave anyone out here?)

And oh yeah—it's Valentine's Day. Doing anything fun tonight?

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