Red Lips, Bold Brows and Metallic Eyes are Making Waves at New York Fashion Week

The F/W 2011 season has begun!

Um, guys? It's Fashion Week. If you're immersed in the fashion and beauty biz, then you already know that (duh!), but for everyone else—I think I forgot to mention this very important fact, what with the Grammys and my vid with Oribe and this new review opportunity goin' on. Things actually kicked off last Friday, but like NYLON beauty director Holly Siegel says in this vid, we beauty pundits need to simmer on the intel for a bit before the trends start revealing themselves and we can talk about 'em.

And today I am officially ready to talk, because there are three trends I'd spotted that you need to know about: red lips (HAWT), strong brows (hallelujah!) and wicked, wicked silver eyes. Not worn all together, mind you, but each individually awesome in its own right.

Ready? Let's do this thing.

SPOTTED: Kick-ass red lips at Diane von Furstenberg


If ever a show made me want to wear red lipstick RIGHT THIS SECOND, it's this one. (And, you know, Diane is kinda becoming known for her OMGlips on the runways—remember the fun fluoro pink she did for S/S '11?)

The highly covetable colour was achieved via M.A.C lip pencil in Cherry and a new lipstick, called Runaway Red, which will be available this fall. Getting the edges really precise is key with a colour this bold, so make sure you use a lip brush to apply.

Also: I know we're talking about lips here, but how great is the eyeshadow? That cool wingy thing at the outer corners really reminds me of Diana Agron's fab makeup at the Grammys, and oh dear—I sense a more detailed how-to than what I mentioned here is needed, because I think we're all gonna want to wear a version of this real soon. For now, if you feel like attempting on your own, know that the shade is a black metallic called Keep Your Cool (also from M.A.C), and it was applied with a wet angled brush to the outer corners of the eyes. On the inner water lines is Chromagraphic Pencil in NC15.

SPOTTED: Bold brows at Alexander Wang

Just like Diane's sorta known for doing lips, our man Al here has a thing for brows. And I say Hallelujah! Even though I've experimented with brow-bleaching myself, it was getting a little bit ridic seeing all of those models sans eyebrows... although Fashion Week just started and I have no doubt their reappearance is imminent.

There are two things I like about the strong-brow look. One, full brows automatically make you look younger. I promise. So PLEASE let yours grow out a bit if they're borderline over-plucked, because (no offense) skinny brows are wrong wrong wrong.

And two, a strong brow is possibly one of the easiest ways to make your face look polished, even if you're not wearing much other makeup. (That and the ol' concealer at the inner corners of the eyes trick I bang on about all the time.)

Another cool thing: the shape here has been made deliberately boyish—that means square and straight, instead of arched. Maybe you want to try it, maybe not, but if you do, the product used to fill them in was not a brow powder but M.A.C's Carbon eyeshadow. For more full-brow advice, check out this Twestion Time post answered by makeup artist Greg Wencel, who always gives the BEST tips.

SPOTTED: The coolest silvery metallic eyes EVAR at Derek Lam

Crikey! That's some impressive eye makeup, no? And as I suspected, the artiste responsible was Mr. Tom Pecheux, who is Estée Lauder's creative director (you might remember him from the Blue Dahlia collection last fall).

Anyway, that means all of this fabulousness is Estée Lauder. (Surprised? Me too.)

Here's how it looks front-on:

And with a different eye shape:

Sadly, the shades aren't out yet (they don't even have names, but will arrive on counters in the fall). But if you're feeling brave and want to play copycat (I sure do), what Pecheux did was swirl together metallic silver and black cream pigments to get a silvery-blue grey, which he then applied in an extended cat's-eye shape. On the lips is another new colour for fall, Vanilla Truffle Nude Matte Lipstick.

I also wanna give the hair a brief mention. I'm sure I'm not the only straight-haired type out there who falls into a blah, boring rut of wearing it wherever it falls when we step outta the shower. But pulling just the top section straight back is SO pretty:

What do you think of the silvery shadow—too hard to DIY or are you game?

Have the Diane von Furstenberg shots renewed your faith in red lipstick?

And what about brows—do you agree that a bold brow is both face-framing and youth-enhancing?

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