The Biggest Celebrity Hair Changes Lately

So Jennifer Aniston got a lob, Ginnifer Goodwin got an undercut... and Claire Danes discovered that some Fashion Week trends don't work on civilians.

Well, we're about halfway through coverage of Fashion Week (which really should be called Fashion Month), and while we're waiting for all of Milan's beauty trends to reveal themselves, I thought we might take a short breather.

Because while we weren't looking—we'd been focusing our attentions on all the 16- and 17-year-old runway models whose collagen stores we want to raid immediately—those sneaky celebs got up to some hair hijinx.

Yes they did! I'm sure you've heard, by now, about Jennifer Aniston's new lob and new blondification—and so we must parse. But wait, there's more! Ginnifer Goodwin decided to dive into the undercut trend, while Claire Danes, along with January Jones, attempted to replicate some of the hairstyles worn by the aforementioned 16- and 17-year-old models.

Did they pull it off? That's what we're here to discuss.

First up, a close-up of the Aniston's lob:

A Twitter friend pointed out that Jen was JUST quoted in Allure as saying that she'd never give up her length. Huh? I also recall that in the Brad days, she had a similar cut and said she hated it.

And so my cynical mind immediately wonders if it's a case of the old bait and switch. Is she distracting us with the hair in order to hide something she's done to her face?

I can't really tell if anything is different from the front, but possibly the cheeks look a little puffier from the side. Maybe?

Anyway, I do like it—it's not like it's that radical of a change, after all. Perhaps a bit too blonde, but that could be the lighting.

Next up is Miss Ginnifer Goodwin, whose Life Cut is definitely short hair (see: here, here and here). But is it the undercut? I'm not sure.

We first saw this trend on Rihanna, Mel B., Alice Dellal, Carmen Electra and Cassie last year. And while those peeps went pretty radical with it, Ginnifer did a more understated version.

Honestly, I think she can pretty much pull anything off since her skin (and brows!) are so utterly perfect. But I still prefer her more femmy and Audrey Hepburn-ish, like how she wore her hair for the 2010 Globes.

Now, before I show you our next celebrity hair-changer, I need to show you this:

That's from the other day at London Fashion Week, the Richard Nicoll show.

Now, people like Petra Nemcova—who is a, you know, MODEL—can actually do a version of this for real life and somehow look amazing.

Claire Danes, however, cannot.

Sorry Claire, but it just looks like you didn't bathe. Are you guys with me on this one?

I actually can't decide which is worse, the look above (from the 2011 Costume Designers Guild Awards), or January Jones' little updo (and makeup!) below:

Jesus, January—you could scare small children! In all of our discussions about yellow and orange eye makeup, we never evah said it could be worn with a red lip. Please examine Rachel McAdams and try again.

And as for the hair, it's yet another example of why things like this...

... are best left on the runways. (Actually, I like the model's 'do better.)

But even with so many #beautyfails in the attempt to go from runway to real life, there was one shining star. And that was Demi Moore:

It's a fishtail braid! Just like we were talking about yesterday. And it's perfect (because it is not too perfect).

I'm not altogether sure if it works with such a fancy dress, however—but compared to Claire and January, this wins the Hair Prize of the Week for sure.

What do you think of all of these celebrity hair shenanigans?

Are you a fan of Jen's lob and Ginnifer's undercut?

What about the runway hair attempts by Claire, January and Demi?

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