Chloé Does '70s Bohemian While YSL Goes '60s Chic

For fall 2011, I want to look like a Chloé chick, not a YSL girl—what about you?

Every season, there is usually one show—just one—that captures my jaded little beauty-lovin' heart. Last time, Sienna Miller'sTwenty8Twelve was the sleeper hit, with (back then) the exact everyday makeup I coveted: fresh skin, rosy cheeks and poppy red lips. Okay, maybe that wasn't all that surprising, seeing as Sienna will forever be one of my beauty icons. (My computer's hair inspiration folder? It's almost exclusively made up of images of her, with maybe a few Nicole Richies and Mandy Moores thrown in.)

Anyway, this year, I'm preemptively declaring Chloé to be the show that comes closest to How I Want to Look Right Now. And strangely, given how much I talk about it, there's not a bright lippie to be seen.

Nope, it's really about the hair, and the eye makeup, and most importantly, an overall 1970s vibe that we first saw Marc Jacobs usher in, back when we were all still obsessed with Mad Men. Yep, the '70s are HUGE right now... but I have to warn you, a few designers (including, most recently, YSL) are once again attempting to resurrect the 1960s. Weird, right? I mean, not only is it as if there were no other decades to choose from (and has been the case with fashion for my entire adult life), but we're not even freakin' DONE with the '70s yet.

All I'm asking of the Fashion Gods is that they give us a little more time. Call me a late adopter, but I'm still digging this '70s thing. Let me show you the looks and then I'll let YOU decide...

First, witness the gorgessity at Chloé:

Can you even stand it? I want my eye makeup to look like this all of the time.

And my hair to look like this:

The makeup inspiration was equal parts rock 'n roll and hippie chic, but still polished. (And it's no wonder I love this combo, because they're the two styles I always end up gravitating to in The Lucky Guide to Mastering Any Style. Great book, by the way.)

Anyway, this makeup is by Charlotte Tilbury (another famous and Very Important Makeup Artist), and I think I'll give you all the prodz, seeing as I heart it so much. On the cheeks and the bridge of the nose, she used M.A.CMineralize Skin Finish to create a sun-kissed glow, and then I love the next part: she painted on freckles! See them?

YES. Freckles for the win. (I just love this part because I'm sure I'm developing more of 'em by the minute.) They were painted on the nose and inner cheeks using M.A.C. Lip Pencil in Hodgepodge, and then the lips got a slick of peachy nude called M.A.C Lipstick in Freckletone (heh).

For the eyes, which I MUST replicate, she used M.A.C Cream Colour Base in Dark Brown all the way around, and then emphasized the waterlines with M.A.C Eyeliner in Teddy. The lids got a bit of moisturizer on top to mess things up a bit (remember, this look isn't about being too perfect), and then M.A.C Fibre Rich Mascara in Black on the lashes—again and again and again. I'm telling you, this chunky mascara thing (last seen at Gianfranco Ferré) is really happening right now.

I lurve the description of the hair: "haute bohemians en route to St.-Tropez by way of Woodstock."

And even if you don't have super-long hair like these supermodelz, you can get this texture with a curling iron—that's pretty much all that hairstylist Luigi Murenu did after washing and drying. (And, of course, centre-parting. The centre part is very much a big deal for F/W '11, as we first saw in New York and London.)

How he got this look was with a wide-barrel curling iron, wrapping the hair around it from the ears down and leaving the ends out, of course. The curls aren't too tight, and at the end were shook loose with the fingers. Easy peasy.

Now, let's compare and contrast all that with what was happening over at YSL:

I don't dislike this for the runway—the look is 1960s "French chic" with tight, low buns—but I know that I don't really want to wear a tight, low bun for real life. Sorry Guido Palau, I know you are a master but I'm not feeling this one.

An interesting thing happened with the makeup: they changed the lip at the last minute, which is why I can't find any backstage photos of what they went with on the runway. Pat McGrath's original plan was to go with an OMGpurple (she seems to be all about these purples lately, non?):

But I'm so glad she and designer Stefano Pilati changed their minds, going with a peachy-pink high-shine gloss instead:

Notice also the nails, which are sheer (YSL La Lacque in #14). Breaking news on that front, darlings: I think we're about to see the return of the understated mani, after all of the over-the-top stuff in New York. (Boring, yes, but I'm sort of happy about this because after a trial-run of the half-moon, I just couldn't get around the fact that it didn't match most of my outfits.)

Anyway, tell me how you feel:

Are you as much in love with the Chloé Boho look as I am?

How are you feeling about the '70s trend in general—yay or nay?

Are you ready for designers to flip it back to the '60s, like YSL?

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