The Best Celebrity Looks From the Front Row at Paris Fashion Week

If you ever score an invite to Fashion Week in Paris (hey—it could happen!), do your hair and makeup like these celebs.

Fashion Week in Paris is, for editors, something like the Oscars for celebrities: it requires weeks of careful grooming prep and wardrobe planning. It's perhaps even more nerve-wracking than the Oscars, in a way, because you need multiple outfit changes instead of just one great dress. Plus there is the fact that you'll know immediately, with just one Mean Girl glance, if Anna Wintour disapproves... and that's gotta hurt.

Still, in the unlikely event that I ever score an invite (#nevahgonnahappen, but a girl can dream), I know who I'm going to look to for inspiration. Celebrities, of course! Fresh off the Oscars party circuit, a few lucky starlets arrived in Paris this week for the festivities at Louis Vuitton, Miu Miu, Givenchy and more. And they (mostly) looked incredible. Even more incredible than the last time we saw 'em, in fact, because Fashion Week is both less formal AND an occasion for which it is entirely appropriate to try new things with your hair and makeup.

Here are my favourite looks—and because no BEAUTY EDITOR celebrity round-up is complete without some snarky #beautyfails, you'll find a few of those too.

Emma Stone, in my opinion, wins best look of the week for this beauty masterpiece at Louis Vuitton:

You will notice that she's doing a tremendous job of knocking off several new and exciting trends. There is the Chanel-esque eyeshadow all the way to the lids and underneath the lower lashes (and in a colour that looks a touch similar to their forthcoming Graphite nail polish). There is the slightly chunky mascara. And most importantly, that pink lip we saw at Nina Ricci. Who knew it could all work together?

I must applaud the hair as well, because it's totally something I'd do with mine. Not to sound like it's all about me (even if it kind of is around BEAUTY EDITOR HQ), but I really, really love when people use hair accessories like this. Nothing crazy, but the hair pulled back on one side is so much more interesting than leaving it all loose.

Next up are the ladies of Miu Miu, especially Miss Hailee Steinfeld:

SHE's doing the eyeshadow-all-the-way-to-the-brows as well! (So maybe I was wrong to rake Blake Lively over the coals for this. Maybe. But more on that in a sec.)

Anyway, let's all appreciate Hailee's gorgeous full brows (ahem: once again, I must point out that fullness = youth), and also how she tight-lined with black eyeliner to make the eyes pop.

Also at Miu Miu was Jennifer Lawrence:

She could definitely use some hair serum or something to get rid of those frizzies at the top of her head... they would be categorized as Bad Frizz... but otherwise, I quite like this casual 'do. My pet peeve with Jen at the Oscars was that she just looked too "done," too Baywatch if you will—but here, with more casual hair and makeup, her true beauty really shines through.

She still needs to get her poses down, though.

And finally one more celeb at Miu Miu, Mila Kunis:

Maybe a bit too close to her SAG Awards look? Still amazing, but I'm starting to desperately want something else for a change. Bright lip? Slicked-back ponytail? Please, Mila?

Also: may I please draw your attention to the top of Mila's hair? Is it just me or does someone need a root touch-up with, um, grey coverage?? Yikes!

One person who never really switches things up–and weirdly, I don't mind—is Liv Tyler. Here she is at her bud Stella McCartney's show–with Paul!

The day before, she pretty much looked exactly the same at Givenchy:

I guess when you glow from within like that, you don't really need to bother with trivial things like makeup, which concern us civilians. Oh and her hair—how is it always so shiny?

Unfortunately, Laetitia Casta, also at Givenchy, was most definitely NOT shiny and glowy:

Really I have no business snarking, because I've interviewed the woman once (when Ralph Lauren's Notorious fragrance launched—she is the face) and when she wears makeup, she is Drop Dead. Like, to the point where I kinda got distracted from my interview questions, she was so mesmerizing to look at. (Imagine the effect on MEN, right?)

But here, there was obviously zero effort put in with hair OR makeup—and I can't help but feel like it's a disservice to the world to deny us her beauty. That and the teeth. I read somewhere that she refused to have them fixed, but after my own (less severe) dental issues got resolved magnificently with a couple of veneers—post on that coming soon—I have to wonder why the heck not? I guess it's a North American thing; we love nice teeth here. Hers are also a bit yellow as well—ugh!

Moving right along. Let's talk about Blake Lively, who couldn't attend the actual show, but was honoured at not one but TWO Chanel dinners in Paris. This was the first:

I love the earrings, what we can see of the hair and the lip colour. I still can't get my head around the orange eyelids though—even if they are now a trend!

Here she is at the second dinner:

Unfortunately, and I hate to say this about makeup that is probably Chanel, but this is worse. Spidery lashes (Kim Kardashian-styles) and too much faux tan/bronzer are my main issues with this.

Sorry Blake, but the attendees at another Fashion Week dinner, a Michael Kors affair in Paris, looked WAY better. Particularly Amber Heard:

Amazingness, right? She's my number two pick after Emma. And I appreciate this all the more because last time we saw her, it was at a Golden Globes after-party, and she hadn't quite managed to execute the Old Hollywood retro thing. This is MUCH improved: dewy skin, textured hair, just a hint of liquid liner and that perfect red lip. It totally reminds me of ScarJo back in the day.

Jennifer Hudson was also there:

You know, I only have two issues with this, and they relate to the hair. I think it's way too long, and because I am anti-obvious highlights, I do not like the blonde streak. Otherwise gorgeous as usual.

Katy Perry, on the other hand (here at Jean-Charles de Castelbajac) is deliberately TRYING not to look hot anymore, I swear:

Wig aside, the makeup is just all too overdone and mask-like.

Then again, this is what Lady Gaga wears to a fashion show (Thierry Mugler):

Okay, maybe she doesn't count because she was IN the show. (Although I have no doubt she'd wear this whole get-up as a guest—heck! To the grocery store even.)

Which celeb do you think had the best Fashion Week hair and makeup?

Who do you think should be taking notes from the models?

Have you ever been to a fashion show? It's an awful lot of hoopla for just 10 minutes, non?

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