Move Over, Lob! Hollywood is Embracing the Full-Blown Bob

Which means you really should think about cutting your hair.

As much as I try to adhere to my Life Cut mantra, it's tough to be in the beauty biz without feeling occasional longings for the trends you let pass by. One of those was the "lob"—a.k.a. long bob—that was big news around 2007, 2008, and continues to trickle down through the celebrity ranks (most recently, Jennifer Aniston).

How refreshing it was to see formerly scraggly, too-long, extension-ridden locks given a modern, crisp, healthy-looking chop! Not that I embraced the cut myself—hair above my collarbones makes me look 12, and not in a good way—but damn, it looked fresh on the red carpet.

And now there is a 2.0 version. Introducing the bob—and the celebs who wear it best...

Olivia Munn has been going shorter and shorter and I am liking it better and better:

Also top marks to her fuchsia lippie. That part's important, actually, because this length doesn't do plain well. (Nothing against librarians or accountants or TV anchorwoman, but you do start to veer into that stereotype if you don't make a little effort with your makeup.)

Here's a recent Keira Knightley pic—see what I mean about that?

Where is a Chanel makeup artist when you need one, huh? (Although I can see she's trying to do that tear-duct eyeliner dippy thing I told you about during Milan F/W '11. Needs a touch-up.)

Anyway, let's focus! With a bit more hair serum to calm down the frizzies, and attention to detail on the makeup, doesn't she look incredible?

Keira is quite the fearless hair experimenter—maybe even in the ranks of all-time great Mandy Moore, although she doesn't really play with her colour. Like Olivia, she's done a tousled bob, which is how I think it works best.

Speaking of which, that's exactly how Scarlett Johansson opted to style hers at the Oscars:

As I said at the time, I'm not really over the moon about the casualness of it for such a high-falutin' event—but I DO think it's a fab look for just about any other occasion. It's a little grittier, a little messier than Olivia's and Keira's bobs, I think because of the shattered ends.

So. What does this all mean? It means that even if you're not ready to chop your hair above your shoulders—and I don't blame you—it might be time to at least consider freeing yourself of a few extra inches.

Call it a backlash after a decade of bad hair extensions. Right now, shoulder-length (or shorter) cuts are very much in style, and it looks like they will be for some time. (Which is good news if you are a late adopter like me, in both haircuts AND jeans.)

Need more evidence? These celebs haven't gone as short, but they've definitely gone shortER.

Kirsten Dunst:

Olivia Palermo:

Rashida Jones (how gorgeous is she here, by the way?):

And, of course, Jennifer Aniston:

Are you a fan of the bob, or do you prefer the lob?

Would you ever wear your hair in any of these styles?

Which celeb do you think looks the best?

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