The Top 5 Makeup Essentials You Need for Spring

According to makeup artist Eric Jimenez.

Folks, it's ovah.

Winter, I mean. Just last night I finished tucking away my wool sweaters, tweed jackets and approximately 751 pairs of black tights. And then I looked at my pale white legs—which will now require MUCH more diligent exfoliation, hair removal and self-tanning—and thought, "Oh, how I'm going to miss you, black tights."

But you know what I'm not going to miss? (At least until July or August, which is when I'll have to start writing about it again?) Winter makeup. Goodbye, matte skin. Goodbye, plum and berry lips. Goodbye, heavy eyeshadow. Instead, I am ready to welcome gently flushed cheeks, well-groomed brows, dewy skin, loooong lashes and of course, my favourite eyeliner in the waterlines.

So is Urban Decay's global makeup artist, Eric Jimenez, who was in town a few weeks back to present the brand's new spring offerings. I asked him to tell us about the top five makeup essentials for spring (Urban Decay products or otherwise), and what a coinkydink! They're all from my current pet favourite beauty categories. Here's the vid:

In particular, I highly recommend checking out the Afterglow Cheek Tints and 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils—both are tops!

There's just one more "essential" in my book that Eric didn't talk about...

Bright lipstick! Which you may recall is a HUGE spring trend from the S/S '11 shows. They're not really Urban Decay's bag, but there are loads of lines that have 'em. Three to try: Revlon's ColorBurst lipstick, Cargo's Plant Love and Tarte's amaaazing lip stains.

Which makeup items are you busting out for spring?

What have you given a time out until next winter?

Do you think you'll invest in any of these?

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