Whoa! Blake Lively Just Jumped on Board the Red Hair Train

But does she wear it as well as Drew Barrymore?

Holy hair dye! Did you see this one coming? Blake Lively debuted some red-hot new locks at the Time 100 Most Influential People party the other night, joining Drew Barrymore—who went over to the fiery side a few weeks back—as well as a very long list of celebs who've dabbled in the colour over the years (most recently, think: Emma Stone, Hillary Duff and Khloé Kardashian).

Now I'm officially on Red Hair Watch, because clearly there is something in the air, dontcha think? (Or maybe it's just because I, too, recently went for a strawberry-ish hue inspired by Scarlett Johansson circa 2008.)

Anyway, whenever a celeb makes a radical hair transformation, it demands our attention, so let's compare and contrast—and then I wanna hear who YOU think wears red best.

So this was the old, blonde Blake:

There's a reason everybody lusts after Serena van der Woodsen's hair. She makes a REALLY great blonde.

But now we have this:

No word yet on whether it's for a role... [UPDATE: It IS for a role, the movie Hick.] but if I chillax and let myself free-associate this look, here's what comes to mind right away:

Unfortunately, Jessica Rabbit has oodles of sex appeal, and Blake Lively kind of... doesn't. (Sorry Blake, but it's true.) I think that's the biggest reason why the red doesn't work for me here—it just isn't meshing with her personality. Then there is the problem of the colour itself, which I think this maybe a little TOO red, a little too fake-looking and a little too close to both her skin tone and the peachy eyeshadow she used to always wear up to her eyebrows.

Now let's check out Drew Barrymore's interpretation of red. Just to refresh your memory, here's the look we were starting with—an Ombré whose 15 minutes were definitely up (as I observed with mine too):

And here's the new auburn shade:

Can you say peaches-and-cream gorgeousness? I think what I like best about the new shade is what it does for her SKIN—although the way it makes her green eyes pop is also quite delicious. This is the power of colour, peoples. When it's the right one, it brings all of your best features into the spotlight. The slightly darker shade is a tad more natural-looking than Blake's... although I would like to see even more of a dark auburn.

For me, Drew wins this round. But I wanna know if you agree:

Are you loving Blake's Jessica Rabbit-toned hue?

Or do you prefer Drew's darker, auburn tresses?

Have you ever gone red? Are you considering it?

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