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The 5 Makeup Mistakes I Always Make

Even beauty editors get it wrong sometimes (okay, a lot of the time).
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Contrary to popular opinion, beauty editors are beauty editors mainly because they can write, and not because they're actually "experts" at such diverse tasks as applying self-tanner, drawing on liquid liner and achieving the perfect flat-iron curls.

Okay, yes, you DO pick up a ton of tips along the way, just from interviewing the best experts and trialling hundreds of products—which is why, six years in, I'm able to make some gentle suggestions here at BEAUTY EDITOR HQ—but honestly? I screw things up just like everybody else. Maybe more so, because season after season, I jump on board with every new trend, every new product and every new face that inspires me. It's kind of like beauty ADD.

But wait! Don't unsubscribe on me now. The difference between your average beauty ed and the girl on the street is that yours truly is regularly exposed to people who can help correct course. That's what happened the other day with Carmindy, whose 10 makeup tips I already shared, and who clued me in on a few things I'm kinda sorta doin' wrong. Shameful I know, but I'm going to share these makeup mistakes because maybe, just maybe, it will help you too. Awareness is the first step, yes?


No really. I have no excuse for this one, especially because a big article of mine in April FLARE was all about the flawless skin trend. (As in the kind achieved with makeup, not my favourite "skincare product.")

Anyway, I realized that instead of taking my time with my 5,825 primers, foundations, tinted moisturizers, concealers, powders, brushes, sponges, etc. and applying them just so (in front of a good light source or window), I've been rushing through this part in, like, two minutes. Well, it IS kind of boring compared to the colours. But if you don't get your skin right, nothing else is going to look good.

Rather humiliatingly, Carmindy decided to wipe off my existing foundation (she deemed the brush application I'd used "too thick") and proceeded to mix her Your Skin Makeup Foundation in Creamy Beige...

...with Kiehl's Ultra Facial Moisturizer...

...and applying both together with a sponge, followed by just a touch of concealer. In case you missed it in my Mother's Day vid, this was the result:

Not that you can tell at all from this lighting, but trust: I don't know if my skin has ever looked that flawless. I'm still trying to figure out how exactly it happened because my efforts to replicate it the next day weren't quite as effective. I'll keep you posted.


So you know how I talk about primers all the time, like a crazy person? Maybe they are not the be-all and end-all in makeup, because Carmindy did my face sans primer and I swear it held up, pretty much shine- and smudge-free, right until bedtime. That's a full eight hours.

Instead, what she did was set everything with her Truly Translucent Loose Powder...

...which is another step that I often skip. (I blame the whole HD hoopla.) So now I have renewed faith in powder as a crucial step in helping my makeup last.


Yes. I know this. I am aware. One reader even pointed it out regarding this video:

I still maintain that it's partially the lighting and the reflection from what's on my screen... but as you can see with my Carmindy makeup, I'm much paler here:

So pale that it kind of made me uncomfortable. After applying her barely detectable blush, Carms even went so far as to tell me that "I'd probably want to apply more," and I'm not sure if that meant I COULD or if she thinks I have some pathological blush obsession. Either way, I'm trying to stifle it and get used to myself with a paler complexion.


I am more aware of this in wardrobe matters than makeup—I rarely wear a dress without a belt or some kind of waist-defining element, for example. But with makeup, it's so darn fun to play around... and especially with the bright lipstick moment I was enjoying, I haven't really considered the idea of facial features lately. But Carmindy reminded me: I like my eyes the best, so why aren't I giving them more love?

On me, she used the Stone Eye Palette...

...and because of my hooded eye shape, did a pale wash of the medium colour all over the lid, which I never do. Another thing I don't do (or at least haven't in a long time): use the darkest shade as a liner, applied with an angled brush. So now I'm giving my beloved waterlines a time out and trying this out for a while. I have to admit, it DID make my eyes look heaps bigger.


And I enjoy bright colours and shiny things. Who doesn't? I've never met a fuchsia lipstick or a turquoise shadow I didn't like.

And yet, one can easily lose sight of the basics. Even if *cough* one has written about them before. What I love about Carmindy is that she focuses on the neutrals that suit you—a "you only better" kind of look that doesn't scream out but rather subtly enhances and works for any occasion. Probably she should have done Kate Middleton's wedding and then we wouldn't be here complaining about the heavy under-eye liner.

Anyway! From now on, no matter what gorgeous and colourful beauty treats arrive on my desk to sway me, I'm going to try my hardest to pull a Carmindy when I apply my makeup. Most of the time.

Tell me:

Do you make any of these mistakes too?

Which product is your biggest beauty crutch?

Do you like Carmindy's approach to makeup, or is life too short to not play with tons of colours?

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