The Best Beauty Inspiration at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival

Our girl Rachel McAdams kills it on the red carpet—leaving Salma, Uma and Angelina in the dust.

Don't you just love how a red carpet event is never far away? It's awfully nice of the celebs to please us so. Last week it was the Met Ball, and now the Cannes Film Festival has just kicked off.

Ever been to Cannes? I was there once—clichéd Canadian flag-adorned backpack in tow—so I'm guessing I had a very different experience than someone like Rachel McAdams. She's there for her upcoming Woody Allen film, Midnight in Paris (her co-star is Owen Wilson), and I'm very pleased to announce that our girl is doing us proud. VERY proud.

Beauty-wise, girl just glows on the red carpet. You'll see—let's review her hair and makeup as compared to red carpet veterans like Angelina Jolie, Uma Thurman and Salma Hayek. Oh, and Karolina Kurkova. (But models don't really count, because they could go with bare faces and unwashed hair and still look amazing. Boo.)

So here's Rachel during the daytime, at the photocall for her new film:

Incroyable, non?

I swear I'm not biased—even though she IS a fellow Canadian AND wearing my favourite type of makeup (lotsa blush!) AND sporting my hairstyle of choice (long, angled bangs parted in the middle, Sienna Miller-style). It's also a bit Bardot-ish too, don't you think?

Just on the subject of the blush: see, this is what happens with beauty all the time. Just when I'm ready to follow Carmindy's wisdom and tone it down on my blush addiction, I see this pic and I'm sucked back in again. The super-pink, rosy blush is the look here—not the eye makeup. And I really like the idea of matching your lippie to your cheek colour. I say yes please to this saturated pink gloss.

Now, if I had one complaint, it would be the hair colour. Bit TOO blonde, although I've certainly been there. When you go this much lighter than your natural colour, you really need to be committed to the frequent root touch-ups—ESPECIALLY if you are a celebrity—and so this is the reason I chose a more wearable strawberry blonde. Gentle suggestion, Rach.

Anyway, here she is with an evening look for the premiere:

Okay, this is SICK. Who knew Rachel could go so glam? Please note that the Old Hollywood look that I noted from the Met Ball—deep-side parts, gentle cascading waves, red lips and long lashes—has resurfaced here, which means it's got legs, for real.

I probably wouldn't have done so much colour on the eyelids (hello, Blake Lively!) but otherwise I think it's perfection. The best part is how she manages to look so HAPPY. Even her eyes are smiling. Well done! K-Stew would do well to take notes from this girl.

Now let's take a quick look at the rest of the attendees.

Here's Salma Hayek at HER photocall, for Puss in Boots:

Meh. There's nothing to love OR hate about this look. I find her evening version much more exciting:

Once again, we have the deep side part and waves, this time over to one side—which I think looks fabulous.

What do you think of the white-ish eyeshadow? For some reason it's making me think her teeth are very yellow... but that could be because I've just returned from learning about Crest's newest Whitestrips innovation in Montreal the other day. (Extremely exciting news on that coming soon, so stay tuned!)

Now here's Uma Thurman:

I'm a HUGE fan of green dangly jewels for earrings—remember when Reese wore them for the Oscars, and Angelina the year before her? And so I'm quite pleased that Uma has chosen this accessory to dress up her otherwise quite bare dress/hair/face.

And speaking of Angelina Jolie, here she is at the photocall for Kung Fu Panda:

Looking a little wan. If I were her, I wouldn't wear beige. And I'd probably do sleeves. But otherwise? Hair and makeup the usual low-key gorgeousness.

Last of all, I'm going to leave you with this shot of model Karolina Kurkova:

Do I sound like a broken record with this Old Hollywood thing? This is a new twist though: a faux-bob with a 1920s feel. (If you need some tips on how to create one, see here.) I love that she did it with minimal makeup instead of in-your-face red lips, etc.

What do you think of these Cannes red carpet looks?

Do you agree that Rachel McAdams looked the best or do you like another celeb here better?

How are you feeling about this Old Hollywood thing anyway—think you'll try it?

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