The Difference Between "Girl Hot" and "Guy Hot"

Kirsten Dunst versus Bar Refaeli. Let's talk about the difference—and which type of hot YOU aspire to.

Okay, maybe "hot" isn't the correct adjective for Kirsten Dunst. Cute? I think so. Because I'm a girl, and girls enjoy things like red lipstick, shoulder-length haircuts, bejewelled hair accessories and mustard-yellow dresses.

Boys, on the other hand, as we discussed a few weeks back when examining the most man-repelling beauty trends, have... ahem... simpler tastes. Sure, there are a few outliers who actually LIKE IT when you wear griege nail polish, purple eyeshadow, orange lipstick and a top knot—all at once!—but I think it's safe to say that some looks are more universally appreciated.

Not that I think you need to consider men at all when you do your hair, makeup and wardrobe. But you might want to, so let's talk about this.

Like I said, Kirsten, seen here on the red carpet at Cannes, is one of the best celebrity examples of Girl Hot:

With her blonde hair and blue eyes, it would be so easy for her to do the more conventional Boy Hot. In fact, she has, in the past. I think this is from the Spider-Man era:

You won't see this Kirsten on the red carpet anytime soon. Now it's all about the quirky. Mostly in the clothing choices, but it's reflected beauty-wise, too: the shorter hair, the unusual makeup (remember this silvery grey eyeshadow?), the slight imperfection. Just like fellow Girl Hot contemporaries Chloë Sevigny:

and Maggie Gyllenhaal:

Get what I mean? Girl Hot is kind of a lifestyle thing. Those in this camp appreciate these celebs because of what they wear, first and foremost, and also what they represent—namely, not the mainstream. And if you are very into fashion, then chances are you're probably Girl Hot. (In fact, this entire post idea is borrowed from my most stylish friend, who likes to describe herself as not only "Girl Hot," but also "an acquired taste" and "a niche market.")

Then there is Boy Hot. And, well, there's no better example than a lingerie model. Here's Leo's ex, Bar Refaeli, at Cannes:

Here's a close-up of her nails, by the way:

Bar was joined by Victoria's Secret model Doutzen Kroes:

And here are HER nails:

Okay, so let's break this down:

Long—very long—hair? Check.

No bangs? Check. (Bangs tend to fall in the Girl Hot camp.)

Tone-on-tone, barely visible highlights? Check.

Fresh skin with possibly the barest hint of bronzer? Check.

Full brows with softly shaded smoky eyes? Check.

Nude and/or glossy lips? Check.

Understated nail polish? Check.

Pouty pose for the cameras? Check.

And there you have the recipe for Boy Hot gorgeousness. (It helps to be born with the features of a supermodel, obvs.) Notice, if you will, that there are absolutely NO detectable trends here. These ladies could be in 2011, or 2001—you really wouldn't be able to to tell the difference.

Now, as a beauty editor it's a little bit heart-wrenching to examine the entire notion of Girl Hot and Boy Hot, because as you know, we rarely meet a beauty trend we don't like. (Even if most eds stick with pretty bare-ish faces and simple hair...most of the time. Although the bright lipstick trend has certainly changed that.)

That said, I think I'm ready to embrace a bit more Boy Hot after dabbling for so long in Girl Hot land. Blame it on meeting Carmindy and learning of her preference for subtly enhanced eye makeup over the coral lipstick I showed up with. I also followed my own advice about cutting your hair to a bob, or at least a lob... and now I can't wait until it grows. And, well, you know how I feel about yellow nail polish.

Tell me:

Who are YOUR favourite examples of Girl Hot versus Boy Hot?

Which side are you on?

And which side do you aspire to—or does it depend on the situation?

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