MTV Movie Awards 2011: The Must-See Beauty Looks

Emma Stone is a redhead again, Leighton Meester goes Ombré and Hailee Steinfeld can do no wrong.

The two most exciting news stories of the day, as far as I'm concerned, have to do with Emma Stone and Leighton Meester. Specifically their hair at the MTV Movie Awards last night: Emma's back to red, which pleases me very, very much (even though I was really starting to get into the blonde), and Leighton has stepped out with a fabulous-looking Ombré (despite my declaration that its 15 minutes were up). I love a good red carpet beauty shake-up, don't you?

In other news, Hailee Steinfeld, who is all of 14 years old, once again demonstrates an effortless yet supremely sophisticated point of view when it comes to beauty (and fashion). No, it's not fair, but we adults should take note. And just wait 'til you see Elle Fanning, 13-year-old sister of Dakota. Le sigh.

Anyway! Lest all of these collagen-rich tweens and twentysomethings start to depress you, I've also got pics to share of the also-gorgeous Reese Witherspoon, Cameron Diaz and Brooklyn Decker. (Oh wait—Brooklyn is only 24. We just need to talk about how her beauty look is aging her.) And lots more!

So Emma Stone has red hair again.

Welcome back, Em! Isn't a lovely surprise to see her sporting the colour she should've been born with? While I don't think it's quite there yet—going from light blonde to that gorgeous glossy auburn will probably take a few tries—I just love what this does for her skin already. Also: can we talk about that kick-ass flicky eyeliner she's got goin' on? (See the pic at the top.) I MUST master this.

Leighton Meester is late to the Ombré party (but we'll forgive her).

Just when I thought Ombré was finally finito, out comes Leighton and I'm digging it all over again. This is because she possesses all of the elements that make it look RIGHT: long, wavy hair, no bangs and a rich brunette colour. (This is why it didn't work on me, because I like being blonde, with bangs, and my hair is also painfully straight.) It just goes to show you that Charles Baker Strahan—her hairstylist, who I last interviewed for this post—was right.

Direct quote: “Ombré isn’t necessarily ever ‘out,’ because it’s what happens naturally. If you see a little blonde girl in the winter, when her natural colour doesn’t get as much light from the sun, the ends of her hair look more intense. But when it goes too far—that’s only a good look if you’re in a punk band. So I think Ombré isn’t something that’s a revelation, it’s just exaggerating what happens naturally.” So in other words, you can still try this trend (DIY instructions here) as long as you're subtle about it.

Hailee Steinfeld knows how to rock a red lip.

I feel a bit wrong praising a 14-year-old's makeup choices (because truthfully, I don't think MY mom would've let me go out of the house with red lipstick on), however, it has to be said that this looks fantastic. And grown-up—it's a long way from the ballerina bun and hairband we saw her wear at the Oscars. I am also coveting her long hair, which has a few waves but is not all chunky and stuff like many of her Hollywood peers. Such as this next one...

We now interrupt this programming for a special beauty warning courtesy of Amanda Bynes.

I don't want to pick on poor Amanda too much, but I had to include this pic as a brief example of What Not To Do. The hair! It is tragic. Please brush and SEPARATE THE CURLS. That is all.

Elle Fanning demonstrates why life is unfair sometimes.

Did you know there were TWO Fanning sisters? Elle looks just like Dakota... and am I the only one finding it hard to believe she is 13? At that age, I most certainly did NOT look like this.

Kristen Stewart looks glamazing!

Will you check out that mane of artfully tousled hair... it's quite something, no? I'm really digging this new glamorous look for K-Stew. As usual, she's also wearing the best eyeshadow, a grey-ish brown-ish palette that is neither too harsh nor too soft. Oh Kristen, you're growing on me.

Emma Watson's hair is in the awkward stage.

Is it just me? Because I'm truthfully not the biggest fan of short hair? Quite possibly. But I still feel like this 'do leaves a bit something to be desired. When Ginnifer Goodwin hits a red carpet, even if I wouldn't copy her cut, I can still appreciate how well she wears it. This just looks like what it is: short hair growing out.

Blake Lively looks stressed; reverts to go-to peach makeup.

Is it Leo? The nude pics? Her Jessica Rabbit hair colour (wisely pulled back for this event)? Whatever it is, Blake's not at her best here. There's a slight Eagle going on, as well as that darned peachy shadow, although it's not as intense as we've seen previously. The blue dress, however, is a great colour for her.

Selena Gomez; always adorbs.

Not much to say here because Selena is one of those lucky peeps who never makes a beauty misstep. A bit boring for us, great for the Biebs.

I heart Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's hair very much.

Acting might not be her forte, but Rosie has just landed herself in my haircuts and colours folder. (Oh yes. I have a folder—a computer one—where I file such things.) I love that she's not BLONDE blonde (a revelation for this recovering blonderexic) and also that she's sporting the classic half-up, half-down 'do, which is one of my favourite styles as well.

Cameron Diaz has toned down her blonde.

Speaking of toned-down blondes, did you notice how Cammy is more honey than platinum these days? Smart move if you ask me. It warms up her skin, isn't quite so harsh... even if y'all keep saying she's looking a bit rough in the face these days. (I do agree, by the way—she has seemed to age prematurely as she's only 38—but at the same time I think we need to give praise where it's due, because she hasn't become a plastic freak either.)

Reese Witherspoon's tousled waves are great. Her eyeshadow? Not so much.

Love love love the hair on Reese—so beachy and youthful, in a touchable way that Beyoncé's here was not—but the eyeshadow has GOT to go. And to think I once praised her for her skillz in this area. I just don't think we want to have colours in the eye area that make us look ill or corpse-like. How much better would a charcoal, a navy, even a taupe have looked, I ask you?

Brooklyn Decker needs to stop trying to look older.

I know she's trying to become a serious actress and all, not a model, but I can't help but think Brooklyn needs a beauty intervention. She doesn't necessarily have to go longer with the hair (since I did say that bobs are quite on-trend right now)... but at least some colour or interest on the makeup front would be nice. She can't keep wearing this loud dresses and expect them to do all the work...

And finally, Nicki Minaj keeps trying to start a lip liner trend.

It's not going to happen.

And that's a wrap! Tell me:

Which red carpet look was your favourite?

Who do you think needs the most help?

How do you feel about Emma Stone's and Leighton Meester's hair colour changes?

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