Victoria's Secret Angel Doutzen Kroes Shares Her Beauty Secrets

What's it like to meet a supermodel in real life? Watch this!

Have you ever seen a model in person? One might think it's a surefire way to sink your self-esteem, but that's not always the case. When I attended Fashion Week in New York City, for example, it was slightly horrifying to see just how rail-thin the girls were as they strutted down the catwalks. (Yes, the cameras really do add 10 pounds... and the way they walk gives the illusion of hips where trust me, none exist.)

But then there is an altogether different breed of model—the "supers"—who are not at all scary skinny. Their faces aren't gaunt! They have boobs! And while their legs are definitely thinner than mine or yours, they're certainly not unhealthy-looking.

This is where Doutzen Kroes fits in, which makes sense because she is one of the Victoria's Secret Angels (and also Boy Hot, as we've discussed at length in this post). She was in town last week, and because I like to torture myself, I popped in for a quick interview to meet/gawk at her in person. Here's some of our convo:

She's actually really sweet, non? You want to hate her because she's beautiful... but you can't.

Here are some more pics:

Warning! The next photo might make you hate yourself:

It's like a shelf.

Anyway! Since this IS a beauty blog, let's quickly chat about what's new from Victoria's Secret Beauty for summer. I'm particularly digging their fragrance collection, which is in stores now for a limited time until September.

My faves are Bombshell Summer (grapefruit, black currant and lily of the valley):

and Dream Angels Heavenly Summer (peony, soft woods and my favourite—coconut water!):

They've also got some impressive self-tanning stuff, including this adjustable self-tanner—you can basically custom-mix it to the level of tan that you want!

Have you ever seen a model in real life?

Are you a Doutzen fan?

Tried anything from Victoria's Secret beauty yet? (Or are you more interested in that swimsuit that's supposed to give you two extra cup sizes...?)

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