2 Retro Hair and Makeup Ideas Inspired by Celebs

Do you prefer the Taylor Swift or the Odette Yustman version?

So you may have noticed: lately, the ladies of Hollywood seem to be taking cues from the likes of Dita Von Teese—who borrows her style from screen sirens such as Marlene Dietrich. Katy Perry's getting into it (did you see her Vanity Fair cover?) and so are a long list of celebs we saw at the Met Ball last month, including Diane Kruger, Penelope Cruz and even Gisele.

Clearly, the retro thing—waved, side-parted hair, big lips, lush lashes—is one of those looks in beauty that cycles in and out, over and over again. Wash, rinse, repeat. This is at least the third time in my short beauty career where I've declared it "a big trend."

And it IS. But contrary to what we've seen thus far from celebs, you don't need to be walking down a red carpet to enjoy it. I spotted two celebs this week—our friend Taylor Swift and up-and-coming actress Odette Yustman—doing retro for daytime. Except their interpretations are VERY different, and I wanna know how you feel about who did it best.

Let's start with Tayls:

I know we've been rather hard on her around these here parts, but I have to jump in and say that I think she looks lovely here. Yes, we've seen it all before, but somehow, with her pretty floral frock—

—it's working for me. I think that's because the entire look is sort of 1950s, as opposed to her usual attempts to do 1950s from the neck up with a circa-2011 dress. Know what I mean?

Let's take a closer look at the makeup:

See, I'm kind of at peace with the hair now (I've come to terms with the fact that it's never going to change), but here is where I have to draw the line. I think this is so pretty, but it's a heck of a lot of makeup for daytime. And, I think, maybe a too-literal interpretation of this retro thing. We've got the false lashes; the thick, black, flicky liquid liner; the shimmery shadow at the inner corners of the eyes; the matte lips; the matte skin.

I would've kept the lips (and ideally would've applied them properly—see how there's a slight mistake on the lower lip?) but eased up on the eye makeup BIG TIME. And I think dewy skin is always more appropriate, anywhere, anytime.

This brings me to Odette Yustman, who really is a sight to behold:

I tell you, beauty editors around the globe are flagging this pic today for future editorial coverage. It's just so perfectly executed, I can't stand it. Will you look at that hair? It's got that Veronica Lake wave thing happening... but it's so loose and touchable and soft. PERFECTION.

Also, unlike Taylor, who went a bit '50s costumey (although I tend to let such things slide for musicians), Odette opted to pair her retro hair and makeup with a sleek blouse and pencil skirt:

Sigh. I don't often long for an office job, but wearing outfits like this would possibly be an incentive.

Anyway, here's a close-up of the makeup:

What I love about it is that we have most of the elements that Taylor wore, but they're done in a much more modern, fresh, youthful way. Even though Odette is 26 and Taylor is 21! There are false lashes (I think) and also black liquid liner, but it's much more light-handed, and sans all that shimmer. The skin is dewy, not matte... and the best part of all is that gorgeous pink lipstick (which is also dewy, not matte). Red would've been WAY predictable.

Do you love it? Tell me:

How do you feel about the retro-glam beauty trend?

Do you prefer the Taylor Swift or the Odette Yustman interpretation?

Would you try one of these looks for daytime?

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