The Most Questionable Celebrity Hairstyles Lately

Hey, Blake? (And Olivia and Christina?) I'm not sure how I feel about the way you're styling your hair these days.

I am so very hard on Blake Lively, aren't I? (It's because Leighton Meester had me at the first plaid hairband—what can I say? And sorry, but she does have better hair.)

Anyway, Gossip Girl rivalry aside, I was having a browse this morning through some pics showing what our favourite celebs got up to over the past few days, and the overwhelming theme—especially with Blakey, unfortch—was of Bad Hair.

Not Bad Hair Cuts, or Bad Hair Colour, mind you, but just Bad Hair Styling. (In my opinion.) Luckily, it's fixable—so let's take a look and see if we agree on the diagnosis and the Rx.

Straight bangs and wavy lengths on Olivia Wilde

As someone who has worn bangs with her naturally straight hair for, oh, 90 percent of my life thus far, I do identify with this little problem we've got going on here. Because don't get me wrong—I'm a big lover of bangs. You will recall that I doled out much praise to Olivia when she debuted hers at the Globes:

But bangs DO present a dilemma when one wants to wear one's hair in a style other than hanging down and straight. The particular combo of straight bangs and wavy lengths brings to mind that mullet slogan. You know the one: business in the front, party in the back. Is this business on the top, party on the ends? I think so.

At any rate, it is why I usually recommend bangs that are angled at the sides, like Sienna Miller's cut here, which I always try to emulate:

I think I detect that Olivia already has her bangs shaped this way, so it's beyond me why she doesn't sort of part her hair in the middle, pushing the bangs to the sides and even giving them a bit of a tweak with the curling iron, so that the whole style harmonizes together a bit more. Kind of how I did when I got brushed-out curls last year. It really would be an improvement.

Now for the next celebrity hair problem:

A Princess Leia-inspired updo on Christina Hendricks

You know, I can sort of imagine what it must be like to be Christina Hendricks. Your hair is fire-engine red, your face is peaches and cream flawlessness, your ridiculously curvy figure stops traffic... It must get old sometimes. And so I can understand why you'd have those days when you want to leave the body-con dress in the closet and choose some high-necked prim and proper number.

And put your hair up, of course. The problem is, anything less than sexy Christina tends to disappoint. Especially this look, because I truly don't think it works when you do schoolmarm from head to toe. Mix it up! If you are going for librarian chic, keep your hair long and lustrous. I must reference the gorgeous Odette Yustman here to show us how it's done:

See? Or you could do the reverse: Christina's hair might work—MIGHT—with a more plunging neckline. Although I am really not feeling the frizz, nor the vintage Princess Leia roll-type thing. (Again, the way I prefer my retro hairstyles is demonstrated here and here.)

And this brings me to maybe the most problematic hairstyle of all...

The messiest braid of all time on Blake Lively

What. IS. This? I was so confused, what with the bridal-looking dress and that random bejewelled hair brooch... and of course, the pièce de résistance, the tangled-looking "braid."

Really, Leo? REALLY?

Okay, that was mean. Just kidding! Let's help a girl out. I think what she may have been going for was Nicole Kidman's excellent side braid from the Billboard Music Awards:

Nic's braid is just the right amount of messy. Blake's, well, let's just say it's going to take a hell of a lot of detangling prodz to unravel. I also think she can lose the brooch (and maybe the false eyelashes), but that's just me.

What do YOU think?

Are you a fan of Olivia Wilde's bangs 'n waves combo?

Does librarian chic Christina Hendricks give you the sads?

How do you feel about Blake Lively's "textured" braid?

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