The Top Summer Hair Colour Trends  (and How to Get Them at Home)

Celebrity colourist Marie Robinson has the scoop in this video.

You may not know who Marie Robinson is, but you DEFINITELY know her clients. Emma Stone. Liv Tyler. Anne Hathaway. Kristen Stewart. My girl Sienna Miller. They ALL get their hair colour tended to by Marie, who is widely considered the best colourist in Manhattan (and that's no small feat).

She's also colour director for Clairol, which is how I got lucky enough to meet her when she was in town a little while ago. Seriously, it was a career highlight—because as you may know, I'm somewhat obsessed with hair colour, both my own and others'. (In fact, the strawberry blonde was totally Marie-inspired, since you know I had to ask her for advice at the end of the interview. Yes, I am neurotic enough to always do this... but in this case, I think it paid off marvelously, if I don't say so myself.)

But that's not the only reason to be excited! Contrary to what you might think, it's experts like Marie who thrill a beauty ed—not the celebrities. (Have I ever told you about my interview with Christina Aguilera? Yeah, that was awkward.) Anyway, Marie is just so darned knowledgeable. Because I scored a zillion tips and insights, I'm posting not one but several vids on all things hair colour. We'll start today with a look at the bestest shades on both the runways and celebs... and what to buy if you want to copy them at home. Here's the vid:

And here's where you can buy Clairol Nice 'n Easy Perfect 10: it's $17.29 at, which offers free shipping in Canada with no minimum order!

Here's a quick look at a few of the models from Jill Stuart's spring/summer '11 show (where she used all of these colours):

Note: the image at the very top of this post (and in the intro to the video) is actually Jill Stuart fall/winter '11... but included here because the long hair gives you a better view of the trend Marie is talking about: solid, non-streaky colours that look très healthy and natural. I'm actually considering quitting the highlights altogether (I currently do double process) and just doing one colour all over.

Tell me what you think:

Are you an at-home colourer?

Think you might try one of these shades?

Are you a fan of Marie's work? I REALLY wish I could fly to NYC every couple of months for her to do my hair...

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