Katy Perry Has Red Hair Now, Kate Moss Got Married

And Kate Middleton wore a fascinator.

Wowza! The last few days have been kind of a big deal for people named Kate and... er... Katy. Probably the biggest deal, at least here in Canada, was the arrival of Kate Windsor (née Middleton) to our fair shores with hubs Prince William in tow. And so it begins: on Friday, just two days into their nine-day visit, the Daily Maildeclared that we have Kate-mania.

And then there is Kate Moss, who wed The Kills' Jamie Hince on Friday. The celebration—dubbed "Moss-stock"—went on until Sunday and cost over a million pounds (!!). Of course, all we really want to talk about is the dress. And the hair. And the makeup.

Finally, there's Katy Perry, who was in Toronto on Thursday for a rather under-the-radar promotion of her fragrance, Purr. (Nope, I wasn't invited. Sob.) Of course, the real talk of the town was her new red hair. (I wonder what Marie Robinson would think?)

Clearly, we have a lot to talk about! So let's jump right in:

I endorse Kate Middleton's maple-leaf fascinator. Yes I do.

I know not everyone agreed, but I've got a thing for fascinators—they're so much more fun than hats, and also more flattering, don't you think? For example, look how dowdy our PM's wife looked in hers:

I've got a wedding to go to this week, and while I'm not going to go all out and rock something quite as bold as Kate's, I do want to look into maybe an understated fascinator-type thingie, just for fun. It just makes wearing your hair down so much more interesting. Forever 21 and Claire's Accessories are both great for cheapie finds!

Check out Kate's new twist on the half-up, half-down 'do.

I'm also digging how Kate is styling her hair on this tour. Particularly this gorgeous style, which is actually held up by not one but two mini-clips. They're fastening the pulled-back sections of hair in loose loops:

Love it—I'm definitely trying this at home.

Have we ever seen Kate with her hair up? I don't think so...

Usually I like my chignons a little more on the messy side, but that wouldn't be very royal... and this looks très elegant with the purple dress. (Bajillion-dollar maple leaf brooch optional.)

Unfortch, Kate's still using eyeliner as a beauty crutch...

Well, we can't have everything, can we? This is a daytime version of her wedding day makeup, and I still feel the same way about how she wears her eyeliner. Why so heavy under the eyes, Kate?

And now moving on to the other Kate...

I adore everything about Kate Moss' wedding-day look.

Again, not all will agree with me on this one, but perhaps I've watched a few too many episodes of Say Yes to the Dress and My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding. Kate's dress (by Galliano) is the antidote to all of that: there's no poufy ballgown skirt, no stiff satin fabric, no inappropriately plunging neckline or corsetry on the back. It's casual but it's still glam.

Now here's the close-up:

The low-key, natural makeup was by Charlotte Tilbury, and hair by the great Sam McKnight. Although I wish it was brushed out a bit more, and maybe a fraction less blonde, I love how Sam kept it really loose and simple—since "wedding hair" is probably the worst beauty crime you can commit. I adore that vintage veil too. Nothing but top marks from me on this one!

And now, since this is probably the most celebrity beauty praise you've heard from me in a long time, we come to our last "K," where I'm not going to be as kind.

Katy Perry has no business being a ginge. There, I said it.

I just... really do not like. Probably even more than I disliked Blake Lively's venture over to the red side. (And consider that this is coming from a person who normally ADORES the ginge—especially on Christina Hendricks, Amy Adams, Isla Fisher, Emma Stone... the list goes on.)

But Katy? I just don't think she can pull this off. Maybe it's her skin tone, maybe it's the (chalky, overdone) makeup, maybe it's the fact that it looks like she took it out of the hot rollers without brushing and called it a day.

Thankfully, I hear that SHE isn't happy with it either. She said on Twitter: "So I didn't get to the exact color I wanted from being black for so long! To get to goal I have to be a ginger for three weeks!" and "If I don't wait three weeks, I'll end up with no hair or a pixie '90s cut with a barette in the front. It's okay, I'll get to my secret color(s) soon!"

My guess is that she's enroute to blonde, because to go from dark brunette to that shade would indeed fry her locks. I'm not sure how I feel about that either, although it IS her natural colour...

Tell me:

What do you think of Katy Perry as a ginger?

Are you a fan of Kate Moss' wedding look?

And do you have Kate (Middleton)-mania? Because you might want to invest in these:

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