How to Choose (and Maintain) the Right Hair Colour

Tips from celebrity colourist Marie Robinson.

Marie Robinson

Marie Robinson is back! Like I said when I introduced the first vid in this series, she is not only colour director for Clairol (a seriously important gig) but also a seriously Big Deal in celeb-land, since she's the go-to colourist for many (most?) of our favourite starlets, including ScarJo, Natalie Portman, Rachel McAdams and more. So you can understand why, for a beauty ed, just being in the same room with her is pretty special—let alone getting the chance to pick her brain! I died and went to beauty heaven.

Last time we heard about the trendiest shades for summer '11 and the corresponding Clairol prodz to buy, since I like to be servicey. Today, you get 7 amazing tips on everything from finding the right shade to how often it's safe to colour.

(PS: Please forgive a short hiatus on the editor's picks vids. It's not that I'm slacking on the reviewing—au contraire, I'm actually once again in the midst of testing about 15 different and highly exciting prodz for an upcoming story in FLARE. I'll be reporting back soon on some sooper-cool innovations.)

In the meantime, for those of you who colour your hair—or are kinda sorta thinking about it—here's the brand-new Hair Colour 101 vid:

A couple of these ideas may sound familiar, but if they don't I will now gently nudge you to a couple of older posts: I've already written about how my life changed when I stopped doing highlights only and switched to a base colour/highlight combination. (In a nutshell, it's why celebrity hair always looks so awesome.) And we've also talked about how there are no rules anymore for not just makeup but also hair colour. The trick is to find the particular tone that flatters you—and you might just surprise yourself with what looks good.

Tell me:

Do you do an all-over base shade, or just highlights? (If you're naturally mouse, doing both will Blow Your Mind—I swear.)

Speaking of mind-blowing, what do you make of Marie's philosophy towards choosing the right shade... do you agree that anyone can wear any colour?

If you're a salon-colourer, do you think you might try touching up your roots yourself at home?

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