4 New Summer Fragrances To Fall in Love With

Because summer fragrances are the best kind of fragrances!
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Although I can certainly appreciate the artistry that goes into "complicated" fragrances, I'll be the first to admit it: my taste in scent is pretty juvenile. I'll never forget the time when, minutes before I was to accompany my editor-in-chief to a beauty launch, I sprayed on some J. Lo Miami Glow. (Hey—what of it?) At first, said EIC seemed to almost like what I was wearing (well it IS good stuff if you let yourself forget that it's J. Lo) and asked me what it was. As soon as I fessed up that it wasn't some sophisticated concoction from the likes of Serge Lutens or Frederic Malle, I could see the wave of disappointment—even disgust—at my pedestrian choice.

Oh well! I like what I like—and did you know there's scientific proof that wearing "young" fragrances actually makes people perceive you as more youthful as well? It's easier than Botox.

Of course, all of this means that most of my fragrance-hunting has to happen in the summer months, because this is when perfumers come out with lighter, fresher, and most importantly, beachier versions of their standard scents. Here are four of my new faves:

Harajuku Lovers "G of the Sea"

Why I love it: Well, duh. It's only the Most.Adorable.Packaging.Evah. I've got a mini-collection of this line starting, and was worried for a while that they were permanently morphing into these slightly less cute velvet-haired versions. Thankfully, no—we're back to the original look, and who doesn't want a mermaid fragrance, I ask you? The perfume itself is actually my favourite of the collection so far. It's an aquatic that's also quite heavy on the citrus. If I could own just one summer scent this year, it would be this one.

L'Occitane Sun Verbena

Why I love it: If you're familiar with the Verbena range, you know that it's heavy on the lemon... and for me, maybe slightly too close to what I use to clean my kitchen. The Sun version is still lemony, but less intense and with a few other notes coming in, like musk, vetiver, cedar, orange blossom and jasmine. It's really fresh and energizing.

Lancôme Ô d'Azur

Why I love it: I first got to try this juice back when there was snow on the ground, and at the time I wasn't really feeling it. Maybe because I got too excited when Lancôme's PR said they were doing a beach fragrance, and was expecting something with a Coppertone-ish smell that would transport me away from the brutal weather. That's not what you'll get here: Ô d'Azur has notes of lemon (notice a theme yet for summer 2011?), Turkish rose, peony, musk and amber resin. And I have to say, it had me at the dry-down. It's very feminine and very soft, not overpowering—which is the way a floral should be. I'd wear this to a summer wedding.

Clean Cotton T-Shirt

Why I love it: My obsession with everything from Clean goes way back. I use their hair powder all the time, their antibacterial hand cream occupies permanent space in my purse and their their Outdoor Shower Fresh EDP was one of my summer scent picks last year. This latest scent, not surprisingly, is also amazing—it smells exactly as the name promises. You know when you steal your man's T-shirt and it smells SO good, like nothing you've got in your closet? That's the feeling here.

Now, over to you:

Are you a fan of summery fragrances or are you one of those sophisticated scent people?

Have you tried any of these yet?

Which scent(s) are you currently loving?

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