Katy Perry's Transformation to Blonde is Almost Complete

Do you love it... or do you miss the brunette?

Folks, it's the moment we've all been waiting for. Did I say all? Okay, maybe just the Katy Perry fan base (which is an impressive 8,575,268 folks on Twitter). Remember a few weeks ago, when she first ditched her brunette for a fiery ginge? It was then that we first got an inkling of her beauty plans, because she shared (Tweeted) the following: So I didn’t get to the exact color I wanted from being black for so long! To get to goal I have to be a ginger for three weeks!and If I don’t wait three weeks, I’ll end up with no hair or a pixie ’90s cut with a barette in the front. It’s okay, I’ll get to my secret color(s) soon!

OBVIOUSLY, the plan was/is blonde (as you can see here at the premiere of The Smurfs this weekend). I mean, duh. Just like Madonna before her, Katy knows that hair colour controversy is one of the surest ways of generating buzz. UPDATE: I'm wrong!

The problem is that I'm worried for Katy. As you may recall, she once topped Maxim's Hot 100 list. And not that Maxim is any kind of beauty authority, but with her penchant for heavy makeup, I am now concerned that Katy literally means to transform into Smurfette ... or worse, a slightly more upmarket Holly Madison. Let's review.

So here's the pre-fame Katy Perry:

Even putting that bad Meg Ryan haircut aside, I'm not sure I love the blonde on her. Sure, it suits her skin tone, but with her pale eyes, everything sort of looks washed out. (Maybe this is how the makeup addiction began.)

Fast forward to the "I Kissed A Girl" era, and with the new dark hair she suddenly she looks like a pop star.

Sure, the false lashes are there, and the heavy eyeliner, but there's still a pretty girlishness to her look, right? And her eyes stand out like crazy. (I'd give anything to be a blue-eyed brunette, but alas, going darker only made me look like a Goth.)

I actually loved her look the most when she got this bobbed hair:

So pretty! Longtime readers may remember that this was the look I got to see recreated on the set of the show Look-A-Like. Check out this vid for a how-to on the pin-up girl makeup.

However. As Katy's fame grew, she began to transform, beauty-wise, into some kind of showgirl. There were those short Bettie Page bangs:

And the blue hair:

And then the hair began to take on a texture akin to that of the ladies who cohabitate with Hugh Hefner.

Still, there were moments of beauty happiness—of the Katy that could be. I know it's not red carpet, but Teenage Dream Katy is one of my favourite Katys.

Alas, it all ended abruptly when she went ginge (as you'll recall from this post).

I wasn't a fan, but some of you did like this look—such as reader Melissa: "I guess her beauty look has been for the most part been retro-influenced, so that kind of pin-up red seems better suited to her than to Blake [Lively]’s?" I'm kind of with reader Vivian though: "I can’t decide what hair colour I prefer her having since I can’t even tell what her skintone truly is with all that make up covering it." Heh.

But now we've got blonde—a "coppery" blonde was the way one news outlet described it. (And that sort of scares me because that's also how my colourist describes MY hair. Although trust me, it looks a lot better without the plastered-on makeup.) And frankly, I also don't think it suits her skin tone (well, what we can see of it). She's looking very PINK.

According to her Twitter, this isn't the end look just yet. As of last night, she was back at the dye again. "I have been dying my hair since 10pm! Good GOD let me get to my destination tonight! #beenblack #beenblue #beenhotginge #beenblonde #now..." and "Still transitioning............... practicing patience!"

Uh-oh. If she's continuing to blond-ify, then possibly she has contracted blonderexia—and speaking as a former sufferer, I want to warn her that she is in grave danger. Do you think this is what she has in mind?

Or (gasp!) this?

Seriously, there are similarities here—the hair texture, the makeup, the outfits. I feel like with the brunette hair, Katy could get away with a lot more of the kitsch and camp. With lighter hair, it doesn't work so well. And she becomes just another dime-a-dozen Hollywood blonde, on the fast track to beauty irrelevancy.

What do you think?

Do you like this latest hair colour change?

Which Katy beauty look was your favourite?

Are you as concerned as I am about Katy Perry morphing into Holly Madison?

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