Brushed-Out Curls are the Next Big Hair Trend

And here's the easiest way to make 'em happen.

How much do we love brushed-out curls? Like I've been saying for at least a year now, they are the future—even though countless celebs still insist on doing those piecey flat-iron waves that have been gracing red carpets since oh, 2002. (You know the ones: they're not terrible, but Lauren Conrad and Miley Cyrus, for example, really rely on them way too much. And they tend to go hand in hand with too-long hair extensions. Just sayin'.)

What's different about brushed-out waves, obvi, is the brushing part—it creates a look where the hair is AS ONE, not all separated into individual curls. It's what the prophetic Kevin Murphy was talking about when he spoke of "solid-looking hair" in this video from September '10.

Anyway! The other thing that makes brushed-out waves superior to every other kind of wave is that you don't need to involve heat tools at all—making this one of the easiest styles to DIY, like EVAR. Just have a watch of this little vid:

You can grab a pack of the rollers at Walmart:

And as for the brush, well, even though Brennen uses a perfectly serviceable Goody one in the video, I am partial to the Rolls Royce of brushes, the Mason Pearson:

Yes, the M/P is pricey—they're like $80-100 plus—but it will last you a lifetime.

Are you a fan of these waves?

Do you struggle with creating curls using a flat iron, curling iron or hot rollers? (Hey—join the club.)

Have you tried (or do you want to try) these rollers? So easy peasy.

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