My Top 5 Beauty Picks of the Week

Great gloss-balm, 3-in-1 no-rinse cleanser and the best Whitestrips invention yet.
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Okay, so even though I love all my editor's picks like they're my children (really), I have to say that this week's batch is pretty special. Mainly because they took me by surprise. July is usually a dead zone in terms of new product launches—most brands wait until September to introduce their new stuff—and so I was kind of scrounging around for things to test, not thinking that I'd find much to talk about.

WELL. I was wrong. Makeup-wise, I discovered a fabulous new gloss-balm that you can buy at the drugstore (it's giving my beloved Givenchy a run for its money) and a very cool (and non-cakey) 3-in-one powder/primer/colour-corrector. Speaking of 3-in-1—I also found a no-rinse cleanser that is also a toner AND a waterproof makeup remover. It certainly helped get off the chocolately bronzing mist that helped me correct my Eagle situation this week. And because I like to save the best for last, I've finally got news on that brand new Whitestrips product that I mentioned was coming, and it is indeed amazing. Have a watch: 

Here are a couple of the prodz:


What do you think of this week's picks?

Doesn't spraying bronzer that smells like chocolate all over your face sound kind of amazing? (Or is it just me?)

Think you'll upgrade to this new version of Whitestrips?

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