Celebrities are Embracing Some Controversial Beauty Trends Lately

Katy Perry's pink hair, Demi Lovato's dagger nails and Jessica Alba's beehive hairdo.
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So thanks to hyper-hair-colour-aware commenter Thomas, I was alerted yesterday to some breaking news (which I'm sure you're all aware of by now... unless you actually have a life that doesn't revolve around the superficial, in which case, I commend you). What I'm talking about is Katy Perry's new hair colour—it's pink! (Thomas predicted this, in fact, which means he is a lot smarter than me. Or just psychic.) Anyway, I was wrong. I totally thought she was going blonde. So I suppose I understand now why she was making such a big deal about it on Twitter.

Meanwhile, it looks like that long, pointy fingernail trend that we saw a long time ago on the runways of Milan has truly, finally reached the masses, seeing as teen queen Demi Lovato (I know... Demi who?) was sporting it the other day. In a bright, yellowy gold. (At least it wasn't yellow yellow— y'all know how I feel about that colour.)

And then there was eight-months pregnant Jessica Alba channeling Marge Simpson. I'm telling you, there's some polarizing stuff going on in beauty-land. Let's take a closer look.


You know, I really hope these pics weren't staged pap shots—because if I were to dye my hair pink, and create some epic lead-up to the final reveal, I certainly wouldn't want the first images of it to be like this. What a letdown, non? I mean, even normal-coloured hair doesn't usually look super-special when pulled back into a simple bun... and especially not in the context of a gas station as your backdrop.

But when you dye your hair in a colour like pink—or even make a drastic change like going platinum or dark brunette, both of which I've experienced—it requires WORK. There's no way around it. You need to style it more, you need to wear more makeup, you need to dress for The Hair. Otherwise it just looks like you had an accident with the Manic Panic.

And aside from that, well, I'm not digging this colour job. Who knows—perhaps she's still not "there" yet in terms of the final look, but I'm seeing some weirdness at the roots (and of course, I'm anti-pink hair in the first place, obvs). Maybe some of our resident hair colour experts can weigh in on what's going on here.

Seriously, why couldn't she throw on a wig like this blue one and call it a day? I still mourn the loss of her hotness.


She Tweeted this photo last night (no, I do not follow Demi Lovato on Twitter) with the message: "Obsessed with my new gold glitter dagger nails..."

And I have to say, I'm liking this word—dagger. If only the execution wasn't so off-putting. You see, I'm not totally opposed to this trend on other people. Like, say, this DSquared² model:

Everything kind of goes together in a Robert Palmer Girl sort of way, which I think is the correct look to go for when wearing this trend. Now let me show you Demi's execution:

Okay, I don't usually comment on style stuff, but I predict you'll see this on worst-dressed lists in all the gossip mags next week. Anyway, I think my point is clear, which is that your beauty has to work with your fashion. And if you dare to wear gold dagger nails, you definitely don't want to be sporting gold glitter on your cheek (along with extreme brows, eyeliner and 267 pieces of jewellery).


And not just because she followed me on Twitter.

Sure, this beehive is very, very high—it's reaching Marge Simpson proportions—but it's like a modern beehive, y'know? Which is why I approve, even if I wouldn't attempt this look myself. Instead of being all stiff and overly retro, it's effortless and soft and touchable. And there is a nod to the '60s with the eyeliner, but that's it. (Taylor Swift, are you paying attention?) Otherwise, her skin is fresh, her makeup is dewy and understated, and the whole thing is ticking off all of my boxes today.

But then again, Jessica Alba could probably walk the red carpet with wet hair and no makeup and still look better than any of us on our best days. So there's that.

What do YOU think?

Are you willing to give Katy Perry's pink hair a chance or are you already disappointed?

Would you do the gold dagger nail trend?

Does Jessica Alba's beehive look cool and retro—or is it tragic and prom-like?

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