Teen Choice Awards 2011: The Must-See Beauty Looks

Taylor takes a beauty risk, Blake embraces orange and Fergie REALLY needs to touch up her roots.

Did you watch the Teen Choice Awards last night? All I know is that it's the awards ceremony where they give out the surfboards. And like the MTV Movie Awards and the Billboard Music Awards, it's one of those "casual" red carpet events—which for me, would be a nightmare to dress for. Don't you think? I have no problem when the dress code calls for black tie, or the complete opposite (sundresses, jeans and if we're really talking, even stretch pants occupy way too much space in my wardrobe). But the territory in between is always tricky. How do you strike that perfect balance between Appropriately Dressy yet Not Trying Too Hard?

One of the ways is with beauty. The right lip, the right eyeshadow, the right hairstyle—they can all either elevate a casual outfit, or tone down one that's otherwise too glam. It's magic, truly. And some of the stars here, such as our friends Taylor and Blakey, really demonstrate how it's done. (Fergie, on the other hand, well, there are no words.) Let's review:

ZOMG! Taylor Swift is wearing turquoise eyeshadow!

This is a big day, people. BIG day. Because it's extremely rare that Taylor experiments with her makeup beyond the standard liquid liner, false lashes and ruby-red lips. The last time I got this excited for her on a red carpet, it was when she had bangs and straight hair. Sure, I would've loved to see her loosen up the rest of her style to go with this wash of turquoise, but I'll take what I can get.

Maybe Blake Lively should wear orange more often.

Because somehow the dress and the hair and the skin and the eyeshadow is all working for me. Don't ask me how—maybe it's because she's followed this post and gone for a cool-coloured lip to shake things up. And that makes two posts in a row where I've praised Blake's style. Must be the Leonardo DiCaprio influence.

Fergie math: roots + over-bleached blonde = beauty tragedy.

I was going to add "overly tanned skin" and "obvious trout pout" to the equation, but I'm trying to be nicer in 2011. At any rate, the hair is enough to break a beauty editor's heart. There are cool, edgy roots (sometimes known as "Ombré"—maybe you've heard of it?) and then there are these. Plus, why did she go messing with her colour when she had such a flattering dark blonde? The backdrop's not helping, but I think this one makes her skin tone look almost green.

Selena Gomez always looks perfect. Always.

I can't believe I even know this, but SELENA AND JUSTIN DID NOT BREAK UP. There. I said it. Moving on—how pretty is her matching pink shadow and lipstick? That's definitely a look to try for the brunettes out there.

Really not feeling Rachel Bilson's eyeshadow nor her Ombré.

Okay, out the two, the eyeshadow is definitely the more problematic. Why so dark and in that weird horizontal stripe? Upon closer examination, I'm wondering if she was trying to conceal puffy eyelids. You allergy sufferers will know what I'm talking about—when hay fever hits, you can wake up barely able to see, and not even a steady dose of Benadryl will totally eradicate it. So if that's the case, I sympathize. The hair, on the other hand, needs to go now. Rach, you were once my poster child for Ombré, but it's time to move on.

Zooey Deschanel has her look and she's sticking to it, dammit!

Now here is an example of someone who knows what works for her, seasons and trends be damned. For summer, I'm not sure about that red lip with the heavy hair, pale skin and black lace... only Zooey could pull it off. She does, however, need some Visine—or my preferred remedy, which I tweeted about this morning, diluted apple cider vinegar. (Seriously, it works!)

Adorbs! I love Nina Dobrev's high ponytail and winged eyeliner.

This is so cute, I can't even stand it. It's along the same lines as Jessica Alba's makeup last week, although nobody—NOBODY—has an otherworldly glow like The Alba. (Sorry Nina.) It's still a great look, and definitely one to copy if you want to wear a ponytail but feel like it's too casual.

Lucy Hale's looking a bit shiny, but I still love her side-swept waves.

Powder and primer, Lucy. It's time to invest. Otherwise, you're doing really well here. For anyone who wants a how-to, check out this post where we break down the look as seen on Rosario Dawson (with bonus mini-braid!).

Here's Avril Lavigne. Yawn.

I know we're supposed to be all "yay! Avril!" since she's Canadian, but I can never rally for this girl. Aside from the fact that she's dating a Jenner, I just feel like she doesn't grow up or EVOLVE. Can't we move on from the angsty skater chick look and at least, I don't know, use some blush?

I really like Tyra Banks' hair here.

She really is quite a beautiful woman when she tones it down instead of going for the full-on, borderline drag-queeny sort of beauty.

Like Selena Gomez, Zoe Saldana is another one who never gets it wrong.

Simple makeup, pretty hair: it's a winning combo. If you recall her look at the Met Ball, it was basically the same thing but with slightly more textured hair and heavier eye makeup. Zoe's just not one of those stars who will push our beauty buttons, and that's okay by me.

I feel a bit blah about Maggie Q here.

You? I can't quite put my finger on what's wrong. Her hair is amazing (see here if you want instructions for Ombré on Asian hair). Her makeup is low-key, but perhaps too much so with the white dress? I'd also love to see her with bangs—since she has kind of a long face, they'd look smokin'.

Ashley Greene has the shiniest hair I've seen in a long time.

And isn't it like a breath of fresh air, since we've been experiencing this prolonged trend of dry, fuzzy, slightly frizzy hair? I say YES. Something is setting off my plastic-face sensors, however. Is it her nose? I think so. Shame.

Tell me:

Which celeb do you think looked the best?

Who should've stayed home in sweats instead of walking the red carpet?

Can you believe there's still so much Ombré going on? Yay or nay?

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