Dip-Dyed Hair is the New Ombré

Or take inspiration from Katy Perry with all-over lavender, peach or pink.

Whoa... what's up with all the weird hair, Hollywood? In the past week or so, a whole bunch of celebs collectively decided to get a little crazy with the dye—and I'm talking the BLUE and PINK kind of crazy. The only explanation I can think of, even though I don't really believe in astrology, is that there's a Mercury Retrograde going on right now and it's working its voodoo. (The old MR certainly manages to frig up all of my electronic devices, without fail, so it's one planetary movement that I now reluctantly believe in. Does it impact beauty decisions? I have to think so.)

Not that blue or pink hair is necessarily terrible, when it's done right. Oh yes, I actually do approve of this look in a couple of instances. (Although you won't catch me sporting any of it, obviously.) That said, every new beauty triumph comes with its fair share of tragedies... so let's analyze who gets a gold star and who gets a big fat FAIL.

We'll talk about the dip-dye trend first, which isn't really Ombré but is certainly an extension of that trend. A quick recap: Ombré 1.0 (at least according to me) was the high-contrast, two-tone, brunette-to-blonde look that we saw on the likes of Alexa Chung way back when. Then it morphed into a much more subtle, gradual, wearable version like the effect you can get with these extremely popular DIY instructions from Luis Pacheco.

I was SURE that the trend was going to go away—even declared that its 15 minutes were up—but you know what? People still want to have two different hair colours on their head.

Arguably, Drew Barrymore was the frontrunner with this look (in fact, she had it before she did Ombré):

But now, two years later, COLOUR is where it's at. And I'm not just talking about people like Nicki Minaj, whose job description basically reads: "take hair risks"...

This is Mary Charteris, niece of Daphne Guiness, with pink ends:

Kinda pretty, right? And who would have predicted that Kate Bosworth of all people would debut a greenish-blue last week?

I like Mary's look, but not Kate's—AT ALL. (In fact, she's scaring me.) I feel like the pink is just easier to wear and closer to one's natural colour, so it's more flattering. Plus, well, if your hair texture is like Kate's, you should probably beef it up a bit with some volumizing prodz so as not to look like a stringy-haired zombie.

The only way I'd wear blue in my hair (theoretically, of course) is if it was done the way Lauren Conrad has here:

She, too, introduced us to this look recently—and I think it works because it's sooooo subtle, and not actually dipped but painted in individual sections. There are instructions on her blog here, but you can also get the look with temporary hair pieces... Elizabeth is going to post soon about some from Crayola. (I know, Crayola! They're apparently branching out from crayons.)

Anyway! Apparently this whole tips thing wasn't enough for some peeps in Hollywood. Blame Katy Perry. By the way, her colourist, Rita Hazan, recently revealed that it's a LAVENDER shade, and took three trips to the salon to achieve... along with tons of oil treatments to prevent breakage. I guess we'll have to wait for a better pic than this one because I'm actually willing to give lavender a chance (and am impressed that Rita was the person behind it).

Not sure who did hers, but Sienna Miller jumped on board last week, which kind of pains me because as you know, her colour (and cuts) make up well over 50 percent of my hair inspiration folder.

However, this is so subtle and peachy that I can't hate.

And let's be frank: it's so much better than Dianna Agron's new hue:

I mean, I can get on board with Katy's waaaay more than I can with this. Dianna, you are not a pop star.

Let's discuss:

Are you a fan of dip-dyed hair or colouring all-over with pink, peach or lavender?

Who do you think pulls off these trends best?

How brave are you—is this something you'd try yourself?

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