Upgrade a Boring Ponytail with This Easy Twist

Follow these tips from hairstylist Brennen Demelo.
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You know what? I think the ponytail is making a comeback. Not that it ever goes out of style, of course, but thanks to people like Olivia Wilde we're seeing much more exciting ways to style them than ever before. Remember her high, wavy pony with bangs from a few weeks ago? (It was one of my suggestions for easy wedding hair.) And just recently, she showed off a bubble ponytail—check it out here—that we're going to have to talk about in much more detail.

Probably she has worn the twisted ponytail that I'm going to show you how to do today... but I can't find a pic, so the ones above of UK pop star Kimberley Walsh will have to do. Isn't it cute? You definitely couldn't get away with a regular pony on a red carpet, but this version is totally chic. Plus, it's right on trend because the low pony was one of my top looks from F/W '11 fashion week.

So that's right kids, our friend Brennen Demelo is back for the third and final vid in our little hair series (check out the how-tos for brushed-out waves and the top knot if you missed them). Here's how to get the twisted pony:

Now, the instructions in the video are a little different from the photo above, because Brennen leaves the hair loose instead of wrapping a section of hair around the base... but doing that is easy enough if you just stick the wrapped section into the Spin Pin before you twist. (I actually prefer the look on Kimberley to the one in the video. You?)

I've talked about the Mini Spin Pins before...

I can actually use them to create a bun as well, since my hair is so pathetically fine and wimpy. But I was so impressed to find out that one pin replaces 20—TWENTY!—bobby pins. That's amazing.

Tell me:

Are you a fan of the twisted ponytail?

Have you tried the Mini Spin Pins yet?

Do you think you'd channel Kimberley or Olivia and wear a ponytail for a special occasion?

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